Episode Recap: "The Pants Tent" Episode 1

What do a 5 inch bunch-up of fabric, lies, deceit, improper speakerphone etiquette and more than a few references to Nazi Germany have in common? Nothing. And everything. Welcome to Larry David's post-Seinfeld exercise in neuroses Curb Your Enthusiasm. Episode 1: "The Pants Tent."

Larry David. Co-creator of Seinfeld one of the most popular shows in the history of American television. After a two year retirement he decides to return to the format that made him rich and famous. What do you suppose the first image of his new HBO program is --the very FIRST thing you see? It's Larry David... squeezing the fabric in his groin.

It starts off innocently enough... well, at least after the groin thing. Larry's distressed about his pants that seem to have a "5 inch fabric bunch-up" every time he sits. He calls his wife Cheryl over and demonstrates the inflated fabric by pushing down on it a number of times. The subject changes and Larry brings up going to see the new Dustin Hoffman movie, Hard Nut to Crack. (Even with a title like that, it still sounds like a better watch than Ishtar.)

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