Life Unexpected Episode 9 Recap: "Formal Reformed"

In this week's episode of Life Unexpected, Lux attends the winter formal, the site of Lux's conception years prior, which doesn't sit well with Cate, who is chaperoning, and Baze, who finds a condom in Lux's room.

Sorry for missing last week, guys! Sometimes even two DVRs is not enough, let alone CW changing the airtime. So here we go...

The episode opens on another day at the radio station. Cate and Ryan are having an easier time working together, but Ryan is clearly uncomfortable about Cate's openness about discussing sex. Cate explains that she still hasn't had much contact with Lux, and Ryan seems to generally show interest. Mind you, that's the last we see of him for the whole episode.

Meanwhile, Jones asks Lux to the winter formal and she reluctantly agrees to go. Later, Lux is studying with Math and her formal date is revealed to Baze, who is ecstatic she's going with the football jock. Math points out how the football jock is usually the jerk, namely Baze for sleeping with Cate again.

Speak of the devil, Cate arrives to try to smooth things over with Lux. The pair go shopping for a formal dress, but there's a strict no-talking policy. Cate's attempts at reconciliation, including buying her an expensive dress, fail.

Back at the bar, Baze tries to make good with Math for sleeping with Cate, on which Math had a crush in high school. "I went through a lot that day, emotions were heightened and you weren't exactly on my mind," says Baze. "Frankly, if you were, I think we'd have a much more troubling situation on our hands." Baze then suggests that Math ask Cate on a date.

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