Fringe Season 2, Episode 7: "Of Human Action" - Recap

The latest episode of Fringe opened on a pair of men being chased to a rooftop. They appear to have kidnapped a teen boy in their backseat. Once cornered, one of the men seems to the force one police officer to leap to his death and another to kill her partners and then herself using mind control. This being ­Fringe, of course, none of this is exactly what it seems. And though this particular freak-of-the-week had a cool power and there were a couple of interesting twists, this episode was largely paint-by-numbers.

The Fringe division team pays a little visit to Massive Dynamic, where it turns out that the supposed kidnapping victim, Tyler, is the son of one of the scientists there; a scientist who works on guidance systems. Agent Dunham and co. can't figure out why the kidnappers would want his son in particular, since he doesn't seem to have any information that would be of use to a couple of used car salesman turned kidnappers. One of the most interesting parts about "Of Human Action" was that it got Walter to Massive Dynamic. Agent Dunham visits MD regularly, but it hadn't occurred to me that Walter had never been until now. This led to a well written scene where Walter reflects on how he and William Bell (or "Belly" as Walter affectionately calls him) once planned to start a company like Massive Dynamic together and how Belly introduced him to Peter's mother. I get the feeling Peter's mother has a part to play in this series. She's brought up every now and then and I can't imagine we won't see her sometime as the series progresses; I'm just not sure what part she will play in all of it or if it will even be a significant part.

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