'Life Unexpected' Recap: Family Schamily and Bongs Season 1, Episode 2

The burning question on the second episode of Life Unexpected: who is your real family? The family who brought you to this world? Or the family that was there for you, despite not having any biological links? For someone like Lux (Brittany Robertson), who was raised in the world of less than agreeable foster homes then suddenly flung into her birth parents, it proved to be a tricky affair.

On tonight's "Home Inspected Lux is torn between staying with her newfound parents or fulfilling a promise to her foster care system buddies, that is, gain emancipation and live together in a communal sort of New Age household with her boyfriend Bug, best friend Tash, and her boyfriend Gavin. Not that they get along fine all the time ("If your fancy new parents send you to college, you should major in bitch."), but the tension of the choice was really evident.

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