House Season 6, Episode 14: "Private Lives" Review

There are times when I'm watching House that I'm reminded of the old Late Night with Conan O'Brien bit, "Secrets", where super-famous movie stars sat in an interrogation room and admitted terrible (and hilarious) facts about themselves. Every time I watch Hugh Laurie solve another medical mystery in spite of his patient not telling him the entire truth, I want him to turn to the camera and whisper, "Secrets...." I say this because a diagnostician is, at its core, a job about uncovering secrets of one type or another and this episode had plenty of them.

I thought "Private Lives" was a solid episode, less due to the patient of the week and more because the House/Wilson rivalry continues to escalate and amuse. Plus, we got a chance to see the normally stoic Dr. Chase broaden his range in one of the funniest montages in recent history as he, House and Wilson all tried their hand at speed dating. The results were exactly as you'd expect.

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