Heroes Season 4, Episode 17: 'The Art of Redemption' Review - Featured

"The Art of Deception," this week's Heroes episode, sort of served as a turning point for several characters.

Samuel had one in the wake of his destructive rage that swallowed an entire town, as did Sylar, who decided that the best way to feel like a normal person is to take away all his powers with the help of Matt Parkman.

While most characters were at crossroads, it didn't really feel like the show was gearing up for something big even though this episode was supposed to serve as a stepping stone for whatever it is Heroes has planned for the finale.

I also can't say that I was surprised to see Noah getting framed for shooting several people at the carnival, including Samuel, Claire, Lauren and Lydia, who by the way dies but not before knowing the truth about what Samuel did. After all, Samuel needed to redeem himself in the eyes of his family and the easiest way was to convince them that Noah was more evil than him. Once again, Samuel proved that the outside world will never accept special people like them.

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