One Tree Hill: Big Family Reunion Ahead

If you enjoyed all the domestic drama in this week's One Tree Hill episode, then you'll love what's in store for the episodes to come. Expect an even bumpier ride as the mini family affair turns into a big reunion, according to Shantel VanSanten, who plays Quinn on the CW drama.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!!

"We're reuniting some parts of the family -- our mom and some of our brothers and sisters -- we didn't necessarily know we had before," VanSanten tells TV Guide. "We have a really big family. My mom [played by Bess Armstrong] comes in town for a big visit, and Taylor obviously comes back. So there's a lot of family stuff going on. I came in and added one layer to seeing a different side to who Haley is, and the way we interact as sisters. With Taylor coming in, that's a horse of a different color. Sometimes you have family that you have to love because they're family, but you don't always have to like the decisions that they make.

Besides dealing with sister Taylor, who is now dating Quinn's ex-husband, and dealing with more relatives on the way, a big chunk of Quinn's main storyline is her relationship with Clay. And not surprisingly, "there are going to be a few road bumps coming up."

"We both know what's happened prior to each other... [and] having that bond and that friendship is something that is really important. It didn't start out like, 'Hey we hooked up we should be in a relationship.' It was like, "Hey we're friends and it grew into something.' So I'm hoping it does [last}. He's my best friend forever, and it's awesome working with him," she says.

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