Chuck: What's in Store for CIA Special Agent Daniel Shaw?

CIA Special Agent Daniel Shaw appears to be an uptight by-the-book kind of spy but things are about to change as we get know his background on the third season of Chuck. In an interview with IESB, Shaw's portrayer, Brandon Routh, reveals what's in store for his character and how he fits into this season's main arc.

"I can't divulge everything, but the most important thing is that Shaw has a history that is important, in coming into the show and dealing with the other characters, and the relationships that he's going to have with Sarah and Chuck. Having been a spy for awhile, he knows the challenges that are involved there and the relationships that can develop. He knows all about Chuck and Sarah, he knows everything about the Intersect and he knows everything about the team. He knows that Sarah has had involvement with Bryce. He came in with all that knowledge, so I knew that. And, they also told me that I would be a potential love interest for Sarah and maybe that would separate Chuck and Sarah a little bit," Routh tells IESB.

So far, Shaw has already appeared for two episodes of Chuck this season, leaving fans with six installments left featuring Routh. And as the show moves forward with Shaw's storyline, viewers will begin to see a significant change.

"In Episode 6, viewers learn more about Shaw's past and will see that, with the relationship with Sarah, that's where he relaxes. As their relationship develops, you see the calmer side of Shaw, as he becomes a little bit less hard-edged," he says.

For now, though, Shaw's main concern is to basically help train Chuck and turn him into the super-spy that he can be, so that he can be a better tool for Shaw and for the CIA to take down The Ring. Unfortunately, part of his mission is to be a little hard on Chuck.

"Shaw does give a little bit more encouragement, certainly than Casey does, which is nice because he doesn't get that from anyone. Sarah will say things too, but she's too afraid of keeping him safe because she's emotionally attached to him. Shaw is not emotionally attached. He just sees this guy who could be something more, and is going to push him to do it. That might put Chuck's life at risk, but if he's going to be a super-spy, he's gotta learn now. That's Shaw's mentality. It doesn't mean he doesn't like Chuck. He just needs to learn," he explains.

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