'Parenthood' season premiere review: 'I hear you and I see you'

Parenthood got off to a fine second season on Tuesday night, even if the distinct implication that Lauren Graham might eventually make out with William Baldwin triggered a silent scream in my head. In a snappy premiere written by Jason Katims, almost everyone got ample screen-time while contributing to the overall shape of the series. (Note to Alan Ball: Look at how a good network show can juggle multi-sub-plots before writing the next installment of True Blood, please.)

The show forged a nice new link between Graham's Sarah and Peter Krause's Adam right from the start: Her idea for his footwear company solved her big problem last season - getting a job. I don't know how popular a device that would locate a missing shoe would be in what we laughingly call the real world, but it made Adam's boss, William Baldwin's Gordon, raise his woolly-mammoth eyebrows in approval. Bingo: After Sarah asserted ownership of the idea, Adam offered her an internship at the company.

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