Melrose Place 1.13 "Oriole" Recap

Your boy is in tears because Melrose Place is back on my TV screen and I am as happy as a golddigger on Rodeo Drive! And we were NOT disappointed!!!! CW, be warned that fire and brimstone will rain down if you cancel this show. You have been WARNED!!!!!

The Set Up

It's the night after the cliffhanger and everyone is in a bed of some sorts: Lauren is in the hospital while David paces back and forth outside her room, Violet looks as if she is having either a withdrawal from being crazy or being Auggie-less, Auggie is actually passed out drunk, Riley calls for an absent Jonah as she tosses and turns in her sleep, and then we find ourselves in Ella's hotel room where she and Jonah awake from their forbidden rompfest the night before. Jonah sees that Riley has blown his phone up like a love sick lunatic and wants to ditch breakfast with Ella to take care of home without mentioning the previous night's events to Riley. Not so fast, bud. Ella feels that Riley deserves to know the truth not only because it's the right thing to do, but it will also put them in the clear to date openly as well. Jonah claims that the situation is complicated, but Ella says its really not when he puts his brain to it. But since when has Jonah really used his head?

Amanda gets showered with gifts from her boyfriend Ben Brinkley (guest star Billy Campbell), who promises an even bigger surprise for later at her 'welcome back to L.A.' party. The hint that Amanda demands is met with Ben's claims of it being able to show everyone how much he loves her. Hmmm…

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