Jon & Kate Plus 8 Episode Recap: "Beach & Kitchen Reveal"

In this episode of Jon & Kate plus 8, Jon declared his earrings and new style of dress is "not a midlife crisis," while Kate continued to try new things with her "do anything once" parenting attitude.

Jon made his revelation as oldest daughters Cara and Mady returned from the beach early to finish the school year and saw their daddy's studded earlobes for the first time. (Mady's look of horror was priceless.)

Jon said he's had his ears pierced since he was 15, and just decided it was time to put the earrings back in. "It's not a midlife crisis! I'm nowhere near midlife," he said in the interview chair. He then added that he's always liked cars, motorcycles and tattoos.

"Things are coming out more now," he said. "This is who I am, and this is who I am going to be."

Back at the beach with Kate, the sextuplets pushed mommy to the limits of her own "mess-o-phobia." The kids enjoyed their second annual pudding painting day, which basically consists of everyone covering themselves in chocolate pudding.

Kate faced another fear when she and the children visited the "serpentarium." The kids, who have always been shown to love reptiles and creepy crawlers weren't shy at all with a ball python. Kate was far more hesitant, but finally gave in and held the snake for her kids.

If Kate has changed, however, Jon isn't a believer. As he readied for her to return to see the newly remodeled kitchen, he mused, "It's good they were all away, especially Kate, yelling that there's a mess and cleaning up constantly; that would be annoying." For what it's worth, Kate loved her kitchen - even if she was slow to show it, she tells the cameras.

The stars of the show once again were, as it should be, the kids. From Collin dumping bucket after bucket of water on his head to get sand out of his hair to the twin girls conceptualizing and performing their own TV shows, the children remain vibrant and happy. (At least while the cameras around.) Each parent is also doing their best to show the kids they're still loved, and at least one little tyke realizes it.

"I'll never stop loving you or daddy," one of the younger girls tells Kate.

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