'True Blood' Recap: Sookie's Magical Happy Place

If you only see one episode of True Blood this season, this had better be it. Major characters die, there's a huge power shift in the vampire world and Sookie's true nature is revealed, in a way.

The major change came after Sookie rescued Bill and killed Lorena. She tried to revive him with her blood, but he responded by drinking more than his fair share, sending her into a coma. The result was Sookie going to her magic, happy place.

In her coma Sookie went to a world full of light, happiness and delicious shiny water. Sookie met Claudine, a mysterious kind lady who wanted her to stay forever, but the darkness came when Bill appeared in Sookie's hospital room. Claudine begged Sookie not to let the vampire steal her light, but Sookie returned to the real world anyway.

If you've read the books, you know exactly who Claudine is and what this magical place is, but to save you from spoilers, I won't explain it all here.

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