American Idol Episode Recap: The Top 5 Revealed

After 33 million votes were cast, American Idol sent another singer home. After a night of mostly solid performances, America's decision was decidedly tough. So, who was the unlucky contestant?

First, a little rant: I find it hilarious that the opening montage (and much of this season) has been obsessed with backstage shenanigans and what goes on in the control room. I can't help but think that all the snapping fingers in the control room we saw is not an accurate representation, considering how long the show has been running.

Before we got to the results, we were treated to the usual time wasters. Not only did we get the usual Ford-sponsored music video, but also a behind-the-scenes look at how the Idol hopefuls were turned into vampires for said video. Then, we saw an overlong package of the contestants trying their hands at recording voices for Shrek Ever After (which features a Ryan Seacrest cameo). The singers screened the movie as well, praising its use of 3-D. Stars Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas were also on hand to plug the film.

Then Ryan took care of some housekeeping: Next week, Harry Connick Jr. wil mentor the top five as they take on the songs of Frank Sinatra.

Even though that felt like an hour's worth of time, there were also four musical performances. Some quick thoughts:

Rascal Flats, "Unstoppable"

Though their music is far from my cup of tea, it's not hard to understand why this group is so popular. I've had the song they performed in my head since the group guest-starred in an episode of CSI a couple months ago. The tempo made it difficult for lead singer Gary LeVox to get all the lyrics out, though, making it sometimes seem as if he were giving half a performance.

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