THE LEAGUE ''The Klunberg'' Review Season2, Episode 4

THE LEAGUE has been able to do what a lot of other shows about guys couldn't. And that is talk about friendship without an unease. It's not overt and it's subtle, but it's so interesting to see a group of adult men talk about the boundaries of true friendship under the guise of a fantasy football league.

The guys can't help but be honest when Andre shows them his Klunberg painting, which he spent $25K on. To the guys, it looks like a butt and penis, but to Andre it's a mark that he is better than the rest of the league. Andre's lack of confidence has been the focus of many of the episodes, as it's so common to have a person you are friends with, who you generally like, but you aren't like. The one who seemingly goes out of their way to make it easy for you to make fun of them, and while you really don't want to it just happens.

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