Private Practice's Custody Hearing Will Tear the Practice Apart


After an entire season of Violet (Amy Brenneman) being away from her child, a vicious court battle in Thursday's episode of Private Practice will determine where baby Lucas ends up - with faithful father Pete (Tim Daly) or back in the arms of his healing mother.

"It's the process and conversation that we've been waiting for for a year," Brenneman tells, explaining that Violet never left her child for selfish reasons. "Violet separated herself from her baby because she was afraid she'd do something neglectful or abusive."

After last season's finale, where Violet was sliced and diced by an unstable patient who proceeded to steal her baby, Violet has come to terms with her stress, says Brenneman. "It's really satisfying to come around and have her finally say her piece."

However, the court case is not just about Violet and Pete. "It involves everybody because everybody takes the stand and has to be brutally honest," says Brenneman. "Violet gets support in surprising places and non-support in surprising places, and through it all, everybody gets beaten up."

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