Top Chef: Nothing Between Jennifer, V Brothers

It's the editing, cries Jennifer Carroll in reference to accusations that she may have had a thing for one of the V brothers on Top Chef. The 33-year-old who was eliminated just shy of a place on the final three tells E! Online that it was all a "joke."

"Nothing happened with any of us," she says, laughing. "I like how they kept showing little looks of me looking at them. They don't show anything of me looking at Kevin that way. It's like, 'Why not? There's nothing wrong with Kevin.' I guess they wanted to make something of the blond girl and the two good-looking brothers. Maybe America wanted us to get together, but it didn't happen."

But did she really break down on the show? While she may be hard on herself, she said, the editing still blew it out of proportion. "To me, a little mistake is a big mistake...I'm not upset anymore. When I was eliminated, it was really rough on me. I was really disappointed because I really wanted to make it into the final three. That was definitely hard for me."

She said the same thing was true with Michael's arrogant portrayal on the Bravo cooking show.

"Michael is very confident with himself," she laughingly admits. "But he's also a really nice guy. They didn't show that much. Just like they showed me under pressure a lot, they showed Michael's cocky side a lot."

Finally, inspired by Padma Lakshmi's naked cover of Page Six magazine, Jennifer says she has no qualms posing naked for a magazine. "But I guess I have to get pregnant first--it may be a while."

Top Chef's final three will battle it out next week for the ultimate title.

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