The Office: Sneak Peek of Episode 6.3 "The Promotion"

Following Jim's promotion to co-manager on the last episode of The Office, sort of arch rival (and unofficial assistant to the regional manager) Dwight is not too pleased. He reaches his breaking point with Halpert and looks to the rest of the office for allies. Elsewhere on the next episode, David Wallace goes to Scranton to announce the bad news that not everyone will get a raise this year. Finally, Pam, after being frustrated that there are people who are willing to drive to Niagara Falls for the wedding, would like cash instead of wedding gifts.

Tonight's episode of The Office - "The Promotion" - of course, is the buildup to next week's one-hour special ep that features Jim and Pam's wedding, when the Office crew travels to Niagara Falls for the special day.

On the last episode of the NBC comedy, Michael was frazzled the whole twenty minutes or so because Jim had a closed-door meeting with David. He tried all he can to find out what the meeting was all about, including at one point being sneaked into the meeting in a cheese cart made by Andy (Ed Helms). When the jig was up, David revealed that they were discussing ideas on how to make things work since the torrent of work after the Buffalo branch closed. Afraid for his own job, Michael told David that Jim was a slacker. All worked out in the end, and Jim was promoted to co-manager at Scranton.

Elsewhere on the episode, Dwight and Toby tried investigating to find out if Darryl's comp claim had basis - which somehow involved Toby shouting obscenities to Darryl's sister who, to be fair, kind of really resembled him big time.

As for Pam, she revealed that she intentionally picked Niagara Falls to discourage people from The Office to go. Unfortunately, Michael allowed people to take the Friday and Monday of their wedding off so people can go.

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