Recap Hercules: The Legendary Journeys: Season 3, Episode 18 - Reign of Terror

On his way with Hercules to visit Palamedes, the caretaker of the Augean stables, Salmoneus is stung in the backside by a bee. He thinks this will ruin his deal involving the manure from the stables, but Hercules assures him he will leave and mentions Palamedes' daughter studies medicine.

At the village, a temple to Aphrodite is being redecorated in preparation for its rededication to Hera. Some of the workers are afraid this will upset the goddess of love, and mention that King Augeus is a bit insane. General Machus arrives and puts them back to work, as Aphrodite watches the work being done, invisible to mortal's eyes. Outside, Augeus appears to be setting free some people from servitude, but it is revealed he is freeing livestock. When Palamedes questions him on this act, he claims to be Zeus, King of the gods, and can do as he pleases. When Palamedes protests further, Augeus hurls a rock painted with a lightning bolt and it strikes the stablemaster, knocking him out. He then drives off in a decorated chariot, laughing madly.

Back in the temple, the workers that had been afraid of Aphrodite accidentally break an arm off of one of her statues as they were taking it down. Aphrodite is about to exact some divine retribution when Hercules interrupts her. She voices her displeasure at the rededication, but does reveal herself to Salmoneus, much to his happiness. She then disappears, wanting to go after Augeus. Salmoneus sees the broken copper statue, and thinks it would be good melted down into commemorative coins with Hercules' likeness.

Hercules and Salmoneus find Palamedes and take him home to recuperate from the rock to the head. He tells the pair that Augeus hasn't been himself lately, and thinks he is Zeus. His delusions had been , till now, mostly harmless. Hercules goes to speak with him, and then Palamedes' daughter, Melanippe, arrives. She offers to help ease the pain of Salmoneus' bee sting, much to his embarrassment at its location on his rear.

Meanwhile, Augeus orders General Machus to ride with the troops into the village to round up the workers, who left fearing Aphrodite's wrath. He then goes to consult with his "wife", Hera. At the temple, he instead finds the goddess of love, and begins treating her like his daughter. Once he leaves, she begins changing the temple back to one of her liking.

In the village, the soldiers are harassing the people. When confronted by Hercules though, they claim to not want to be doing this, but have to under orders from the king. When he arrives, Augeus is happy to see his "son" and takes his advice to stop "exterminating" the villagers. When Machus calls him Augeus instead of Zeus, though, the king orders his soldiers to attack both Hercules and the general. During the fight, easily being won by Hercules, Augeus ends up face down in manure, and he retreats to the temple. There, humiliated by his "son", he begins smashing the mirrors Aphrodite added. Hera appears, and offers to grant him godly powers till sundown, and make them permanent if he kills Hercules. Of course, he is willing to do this for his beloved "wife." He can now hurl balls of light that have the power of a thunderbolt, as well as gaining the strength of a god.

Outside, Hercules is approached by some villagers. Fearful of the latest events, they want him to kill Augeus. He refuses to do so, but goes to have a talk with him. On the way he runs into Aphrodite, who is happy to have her temple back. Palamedes arrives, and says the people have begun to lose faith in their patron goddess for not helping them. Aphrodite then reveals herself, having heard the harsh words, and disappears feeling angry and betrayed. Elsewhere, Melanippe has created a salve for Salmoneus' bee sting, and applies it directly, much to his pleasure. Seeing the craftsmanship on the bowl she uses, he asks her if the engraver can do coins.

Aphrodite appears to Palamedes again, asking him if he meant what he said earlier. He says yes, and tells her the villagers don't hate her, they just want her help. She respects him for his bravery in telling a goddess the truth in such a way. Finding Hercules later, Palamedes talks about meeting Aphrodite, and has seen past her looks and found her beautiful soul.

Back at Palamedes' home, Salmoneus continues to try and sell Melanippe on the commemorative coin deal, with little luck. Augeus suddenly appears in the room with Hercules. He previously demonstrated his power to General Machus, and now backhands Hercules, knocking him across the room. Barring the others from interrupting the fight, Augeus begins tossing thunderbolts. During the exchange, a part of an overhang collapses, killing Palamedes. Aphrodite appears, and, calling in a favor from Hades, is able to put an aura over the body to keep his soul from crossing over. This will only last till sundown though. Melanippe, upset over her father's death, takes her anger out on Aphrodite by yelling at her to do more. The goddess disappears, visibly upset and saddened. Outside, Hercules finds her crying. Aphrodite is sad because Palamedes actually respected her, and she cant bring him back to life. Hercules has an idea though, and asks her to distract Augeus while he puts it into motion.

At the temple, Aphrodite interrupts Augeus, who is using Machus as target practice, William Tell-style. She distracts him by playing the role of "daddy's girl," and he listens dutifully. Hera ruins this part of the plan when she reveals Aphrodite's ruse, and Augeus imprisons her in a cage she can't get through. In the meantime, Salmoneus had the broken arm of Aphrodite's statue melted down into coins, and Hercules appropriates these to use to bring back Palamedes. He hopes to use them to deflect the lightning into the body, reviving him.

As Hercules, Salmoneus, and Melanippe bust into the temple with Palamedes' body, Aphrodite escapes the cage by changing into a black catsuit and kissing Machus, her is serving as guard. Leaving him dazed, she walks right out. Augeus is there, and beings hurling balls of lightning. Deflecting them, one breaks off the other arm of Aphrodite's statue, one hits Augeus (after being bounced off the goddess of love's hip), and another his Palamedes' body, bringing him back to life just in time. Seemingly cured of his madness and being led away by Palamedes, Augeus then refers to himself as Ulysses.

Hercules and Aphrodite share a moment while reflecting on her armless statue. Salmoneus mention two men from Milo trying to sell him the statue, which he now sees as worthless. Hercules thinks it looks just fine, and comments on the inner beauty of his half-sister, and they share a hug.

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