The Vampire Diaries Episode 6: "Lost Girls" - Recap

Written by series developers Williamson/Plec and directed by Marcos Siega, "Lost Girls" signaled the start of a new chapter for The Vampire Diaries. In last week's recap, I submitted that "You're Undead to Me" will be remembered as the episode that changed everything. This week's installment reaffirmed that belief by featuring an Elena like we've never seen, revelatory flashbacks (should you choose to believe Stefan's side of things) and a major change - er, transition for Vicki.

* The "Previously on..." seamlessly shifted into the episode's teaser, which flashbacked to 1864 and the first meeting between Katherine and Stefan.

* Elena finally heard the words from Stefan himself. He's a vampire.

* Stefan tells Elena there was a time when the town of Mystic Falls was all too aware of the creatures in their midst and it didn't end well for anyone.

* Damon's taken Vicki away from the druggies in the woods (after all, they were a bad influence) and brought her back to the Salvatore house.

* Boy, does Damon have some impulse control problems. Despite knowing he'll regret it, Damon makes Vicki feed on his blood. He does this for one, some, or all of the following reasons: fun, boredom, to stop her from getting any more blood on the couch and/or simply for the trouble it will create for Stefan.

* In what was undeniably the most important flashback of the episode, we learned Damon introduced Stefan to football. But seriously, this is one of many examples of how strong the writing is on this show. A storyline so seemingly insignificant, but dwelled upon in an episode earlier this season, is shown to have its roots long ago.

* Damon uses Vicki's penchant for drug experimentation against her by compelling her to believe... the truth? He bit her, she drank, she liked it...

* Katherine was a vampire and she bit Stefan. But, why? I'll let her explain. "You have no idea the future I have planned for us, Stefan. You, me and Damon."

* Sheriff Forbes, Mayor Lockwood and Logan Fell haven't given up. Armed with the Gilberts' watch, Fell meets with his partners where they slip a device into the antique that reveals the location of any nearby vampires.

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