Viral Marketing for HBO's True Blood Begins

True Blood doesn't premiere until the Fall, but Alan Ball's (Six Feet Under) new HBO series has already seen its pilot leaked on BitTorrent, and it now can add a viral marketing campaign to the list.

Check it out:


Also, you can check out HBO's site for the show here.

I'm super excited for this one, how about you?

(And take note Moonlight fans - a new series about vampires to get excited about...)

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Default avatar cat
Jul 12, 2008 6:43PM EDT

that is freaking retarded! they cancel moonlight, which was one of their BEST shows of all time and put this stupid thing on?! sookie stackhouse and vampire bill?! i mean, come on. yes i probably sound like a hothead and whatever, but this is just plain annoying. get some people with actual brains and common sense into cbs, s'il vous plait!

Large newrachelimage
Jul 14, 2008 3:31PM EDT

Keep in mind though that these are 2 different networks - so there's no actual connection between the 2 shows. I was just saying though that if you like shows with a vampire-type theme (a la Moonlight fans) that here's a new one to try.Also...don't be too quick to judge. This is from the creator of Six Feet Under and American Beauty - both of which were amazing - so I'd venture to say that this one might not be half bad :-).

Default avatar cat
Sep 26, 2008 3:58AM EDT

not bad at all, I was sure that fall 08 would have been the return of real vampire good dramas, and the twilight movie release in december will give fire to the machine, I was intrigued and felt strange when I first saw the first episode of True Blood on HBO before the third episode I bought and read all Charlaine Harris collection. I knew well the two leading characters : Anna Paquin and more reccently Moyer (Bill) from the starter wife! It's raw, juicy smart and really sexy! and if I take into account the book story the show is gonna increase in suspens drama and romance! plus the fact that a second season is already signed helps to feel comfortable to be a fan! it's ot easy to truely like a show that just makes one season!

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