Recap â?? Persons Unkown 1.07 "Smoke and Steel"

If you missed last week's episode of Persons Unknown, "The Truth," take a few minutes and read a recap here.

This week's episode begins with Joe pointing out the location of security cameras hidden in Janet's room. With a can of spray paint, Joe obscures their gaze. Janet is perturbed that they even need to go through this exercise. She wonders if Joe is still watching the rest of the Captives, but he assures her that he is not. He explains that he is no longer one of the conspirators. He was kidnapped and brought to the town, too, just like thousands of others before them. Joe insists that the kidnappings are for the greater good. Janet doesn't believe him, and leaves for the lobby.

In the hotel lobby, Janet is met by the rest of the Captives. She tells them about her conversation with Joe, including the excuse that this is all for their own good. Bill pipes up, saying that Joe is just telling them what they want to hear. Joe, having followed Janet downstairs, insists he is telling the truth. He explains further that the organization he works for operates like a think tank, of sorts. They discuss what they believe will happen in the world, and then choose people they believe will do great things for the world and bring them to the town to see if their bets are correct. This is not what Bill wanted to hear, as he lunges at Joe and punches him in the face. After a few good kicks to the ribs, McNair is able to get to Bill to pull him off. Joe insists, again, that he is trying to tell the truth. Bill doesn't want to hear it - Joe is scum, and so is anyone that believes him.

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