'The Biggest Loser' recap: Drama club Season 9, Episode 11

I guess things had gotten just a little too nice in Biggest Loser land. Ever since Melissa and Miggy's ousters, we had been treated to episodes that made us laugh, cry, and revel in the two hours of warm fuzzies we digested every Tuesday night. Mmm… warm fuzzies…

Of course, this had to change. After all, we're talking about reality television here. What would The Apprentice have been without Omarosa? What would Survivor have been without Richard Hatch? And what would Big Brother have been without the Chenbot? (Yes, I understand that Julie Chen is the host of the show, and not a competitor. But you try to convince me that she is not really an evil robot hardwired to conquer mankind as soon as she utters her 1,000th but first... Reality television needs its villains. Who wants to watch a cast of superdy-duper nice people achieve incredible things?

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