Chuck: "Chuck Versus The American Hero" Review Season 3, Episode 12

Well played, Chuck creators! All season long, there has been a contingent of the fandom very upset with the presence of Daniel Shaw, but I think this episode will please most of them, by reconfiguring Shaw's purpose in the series.

He's a bad guy! No, he's not an evil guy, and they wisely didn't suddenly reveal he'd been a mole all along or some such. Instead, by having Shaw find out (at the same time we did) that Sarah had killed his wife, it instantly put Shaw into a very different frame of mind and re-set his entire role in the show going forward. All of these episodes were in the works before this season began airing, so what we're seeing now is not because of fan reaction to Shaw, but rather what was planned the entire time - and I thought it paid off beautifully. We knew Shaw's wife had been killed. Then last week, Sarah told Shaw (!) about her first kill. The fact that they were in fact the same event is a really fun twist.

Of course this has to mean Shaw's wife was a double agent or such - something Shaw himself should at least be asking questions about. Sarah wouldn't have been told to kill her for no good reason. But having been a fairly dull presence this season (while I didn't share other's disdain for him, I also wasn't thrilled by him either), I'm just excited to see Shaw now turned into an out and out antagonist, who Chuck and Sarah can go toe to toe with. And I think one thing is clear - Shaw and Sarah ain't happening anymore!

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