Supernatural Season 5, Episode 6: "I Believe the Children Are Our Future" - Recap

In "I Believe the Children Are Our Future," brotherly angst takes a backseat as Sam and Dean investigate a town where practical jokes and urban legends have gone wild. In the center of all the action is a kid with some serious mojo.

In Alliance, Nebraska, Amber the babysitter turns up dead while she's babysitting. The dad tries to wake her up but feels blood on her. He turns her over and sees that she's dead and the side of her head is all ripped up.

Sam and Dean are pretending to be Agents Page and Plant; they want to see Amber's body. According to the police report, something clawed through her skull. The medical examiner says the "weapon" is a press-on nail. The doctor thinks she scratched her own brains out since the babysitter had been sporting nice shiny blue fake nails. He says it's either PCP or OCD; it's some kind of extreme case of phantom itch. Both boys both cutely start dealing with their own phantom itches.

Sam and Dean then head to question the parents of the kid (Jimmy) that Amber was babysitting. Sam asks them if they noticed any cold spots in the house. Meanwhile, Dean questions Jimmy about his babysitter and what happened that night but he's not very forthcoming. Dean puts the pressure on the kid to talk and threatens to take him downtown. It turns out the brat put itching powder on the babysitter's hair brush. Sam says there's no way itching powder could have caused the babysitter to claw her brains out.

Sam gets the heads up about another dead body. The medical examiner says this latest victim was electrocuted. A patient at the hospital is the witness. The old man used one of those prank joy buzzers to shake a guy's hand and completely obliterated the man. Afterwards, Sam and Dean take that joy buzzer and go all MythBuster on us. Sam lets Dean "Dr. Wizard" Winchester experiment with a raw ham. He burns the thing despite the practical joke device having no battery. It gets Sam and Dean thinking maybe they're dealing with cursed objects. Leave it up to Dean to start eating the ham. That hasn't happened in a while, has it? So far in this episode, the boys are using aliases and Dean's eating. Could things be getting somewhat normal again? Of course Sam turns down the offer for some food. The guy never eats.

Sam and Dean's next stop: the Conjurarium where Dean quickly picks up a whoopee cushion and Sam promptly rolls his eyes at his brother. The brothers talk to the bitter owner of The Conjurarium. He laments on how kids today only "care about IPhones and those kissing vampire movies." Dean accuses the store owner of wanting to take revenge on these kids who never plunk down on any money in his store; they just break things. He then gives the surly guy a demonstration using the joy buzzer and a rubber chicken. Hilarious. The owner is scarred for life so there's no way he's the powerful witch causing all this mayhem.

Cut to a house where a dad goes over the whole tooth fairy thing with his daughter. She thinks it sounds too scary and wants nothing to do with it. The little girl puts her tooth underneath the father's pillow instead. The tooth fairy shows up and forcibly removes the man's teeth. But the man didn't die. He's in the hospital where Sam and Dean are investigating, well, Sam's investigating, Dean's just flirting. Sam amusingly reads the victim's description of the tooth fairy/perp: 5'10'', 350 pounds with wings and a pink tutu. "It left 32 quarters underneath his pillow, one for each tooth." I feel bad for the guy. It turns out Dean wasn't just flirting. He finds out there are a couple other patients in the hospital with stomach ulcers. They say they got it from mixing Pop Rocks and Coke. Another guy, his face froze that way. Dean demonstrated.

Dean makes the connection: the Pop Rocks, the joy buzzers, the Tooth Fairy, these are all lies kids believe and now they're coming true. Sam deduces that whatever's doing this is reshaping reality. He makes reference to the Trickster. I know a lot of you are going to be happy about this little reminder. I am even though we're not seeing the Trickster in this episode.

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