Review: Ghost Whisperer - Dead Air Season 5, Episode 11

Poor Delia got an unwanted reality check this week when she discovered the type of radio show Ned was hosting on the campus station and what he did behind his somewhat-official girlfriend's back!

While Delia tried to understand why Ned was drifting from her and doing things that were contrary to what she had thought him, Melinda tried to find who the ghost of the week was and make sense of why he was attacking Ned, the radio station as well as people who took part of an old radio prank.

I enjoyed seeing more of Ned this week, seeing what he was up to and how college was changing him. This storyline offered a slightly meatier storyline for Camryn Manheim to chew on other than what she's been getting lately which is mostly just being a background character to show that Melinda does have a life beyond the ghosts. Manheim has good acting skills -- she proved that time and time again on The Practice -- which have been underused on Ghost Whisperer. At least this week., she was able to play a mother in despair over the fact her son was drifting away from her and not becoming the man she thought he would become.

I can understand why Delia was so angry and upset over the fact Ned was doing nasty pranks on his show and because he slept once with TJ's roommate. Let's admit it, that type of prank was pretty nasty -- heck, the original one led to one man's death -- and sleeping with your girlfriend's roommate is not something you should be doing.

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