Entourage Episode Recap: "Buzzed" Season 7, Episode 2

After learning the network wasn't so keen on making a show with him after all, Drama is stingy with the bill after breakfast with Eric and Turtle. Turtle offers to get the check, but his business card is declined. Eric picks up the tab, but Turtle is perplexed about his card, since he says he never uses it.

Eric puts in a call to Vince, who has just woken up from an 18-hour power nap. Eric reminds Vince that he has a press conference later in the day for the Ferrari movie, but Vince's biggest concern is getting a haircut asap. Eric says he doesn't have enough time to get a haircut as Vince studies his long curls in the mirror.

While Vince tries to figure out how to fix his locks, Ari is trying to mend his relationship with Mrs. Ari after missing two parent-teacher conferences. The couple venture to the Valley for a one-of-a-kind chandelier once owned by Sofia Loren but, as usual, their romantic shopping excursion gets cut short when Ari gets a call from Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and asks Ari to meet that afternoon in Los Angeles. "Wow me like you wow your wife," he says.

On their way to Vince's press conference, Eric, Turtle and Drama get their first look at Vince's do - an extremely short buzz cut he did himself. Eric's first thought, of course, is whether he's told director Nick Cassavetes, to which Vince says he did. The best reaction definitely comes from Shauna, "Jesus, Vincent I thought you were Samantha Ronson from behind." However, she also tells Vince he pulls it off nicely.

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