'The Real Housewives of Orange County': Peace out, O.C.

Jeana is eating up this season of Housewives. Vicki, still stinging from the perceived gang-up in San Francisco, lamented the nature of fair-weathered cast friends while she blended a pitcher of margaritas. Hmm, two glasses? Vicki waddled out to the pool and there with a wicked half-smile on her face was the once spurned Jeana. Vicki was feeling in the need of a real friend now that Tamra and the rest of those bitches had turned on her. Who better than the woman whose house she toilet papered just a few episodes ago! At the end of the day we always had each other's back, she said pitifully to Jeana, who nodded unconvincingly with a condescending grin. Cut to her solo interview where Jeana restrained herself from cackling with delight. Sometimes you get what you give, she said happily. Meanwhile, Vicki decided that all she'd give Tamra for her 42nd birthday was a gift bag delivered by her mortified assistant. She, of course, insisted that her absence at Tamra's Hos and Mos birthday lunch was nothing personal. (It's Tuesday at 11 o'clock! I'M WORKING! I'M WORKING!)

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