'America's Next Top Model' Recap: Krista Edges Out Raina And Named 'Top Model' - Starpulse

This week’s season finale of America’s Next Top Model narrowed the girls from four to two, then from two to one…because there can only be one Top Model. The final four girls were initially greeted by Andre Leon Talley who brought them flowers and shared some words of wisdom. The four remaining models were then put on a plane to Queenstown, New Zealand; however, on the way there, the girls were shocked to see Miss J challenging them to a runway challenge from 30,000 feet in the air.

The girls were asked to show their personality. Alexandra had a good walk, but made too many stops to interact with the rest of the people on the plane (i.e. the Top Model production crew). Raina’s walk was described as a “linebacker” with a hint of something from 1982. Angelea wasn’t prepared on the plane and had to strut her stuff in one heel. She did her usual, “I’m in the club/coming off the street/drunk at a party,” walk which continually fails to impress the judges. This made Krista the winner of the challenge and the recipient of over $2000 worth of jewelry.

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