Fly Girls - Review

"Coffee, Tea or Me?" was the name of a 1960s book and subsequent movie subtitled "The Uninhibited Memoirs of Two Airline Stewardesses." As is so often true, the ostensible reality TV version, CW's "Fly Girls," delivers more talk than action, and (spoiler alert) nobody joins the mile-high club in the previewed episodes. What's left, then, are five lovely actresses (er, sorry, "flight attendants") working for Sir Richard Branson's Virgin America, shoehorned into bogus soap-opera roles and situations. "The world is our playground and anything can happen," one says. But for all the artifice, not much does.

The opening-credit introductions make clear "Fly Girls" has all the authenticity of a perfume spot, as the camera pans across the central players' alluring faces and form-fitting white blouses. Indeed, a perky gal named Mandalay conveniently gets dressed in her car.

If she quickly emerges as the show's de facto "good girl," Nikole (yes, with a "k") is the obvious villainous -- a scheming diva who arrives with two microsized dogs, a la Paris Hilton, and a skirt to match. Both are said to be part of the "promo team," model-pretty hostess types who appear at new-city launches and pretend to take umbrage when a guy quips, "I heard Hooters is opening an airline."

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