One Tree Hill Season 7, Episode 9: "Now You Lift Your Eyes to the Sun" - Recap

Brooke may be preggers, Dan's back in town and Millicent is on a downward spiral with a new pill addiction. Just another day on One Tree Hill. And kudos to Sophia Bush for directing. Now onto the recap.

Brooke is upset that Julian has been spending his nights up late working with Alex who she doesn't trust in the least. But maybe Brooke is more upset that she thinks she's pregnant and Julian may not be react well. B heads the OBGYN and is nothing but smiles when she sees the expecting moms all around her. Unfortunately, her excitement is short-lived when she finds out she's not pregnant and won't be the girl who "gets the baby and the boy."

Millie, the new face of Clothes over Bros, is on a rampage now that she's become obsessed with looking the part and no longer being "Millie 1.0." She and Alex have seemed to reverse roles a bit because now Millicent is the partier and Alex just wants to focus on work. And it's no secret she's enjoying the alone time with Julian. When they finally complete the script, Alex is completely bummed their time together will be much more limited.

It isn't long before both Millie's pill-popping and Alex's scheming are discovered. Mouth finds Millie's pills and it only gets worse when he confronts her about it because he's worried. Alex, meanwhile, hysterically calls Julian saying that she found cocaine and is about to use. Brooke is livid that Julian leaves her to go help Alex, who Brookes believes is making the whole thing up. When Julian shows up to Alex's hotel room, she's sobbing and it all seems pretty real. He finally helps her to empty the vile of coke, but when she goes to do so, there's nothing in it. Julian realizes she was lying the whole time, but we soon see that Millicent had taken the cocaine and snorted it herself. It's hard to believe such a wholesome, level-headed girl would spiral down this fast.

Things are faring so much better for Nathan and Co. His father Dan decides to make a surprise visit - on his private plane, of course - and brings along his wife Rachel (Who in real life, just got engaged to Supernatural's Jensen Ackles). The best scene of the episode was the dialogue between Nathan and his "step-mom." "I used to want you to be my daddy, and now I'm your mommy," Rachel says. Then she tells Jamie, "I remember when you were a rumor in third period."

The conversation on the b-ball court between Nathan and his son Jamie was heart-warming as usual. Jamie, who doesn't see the evil in his Grandpa Dan, wants his dad to say those three words to Dan: "I forgive you." But of course, he can't. That night, when Haley plays a concert at Tric, Dan and Nathan sit at the bar and Nate makes it clear he'll never offer forgiveness. "I'll tolerate you for Jamie, but you're dead to me," he says before adding, "And I think you should cancel your plane ride to Lucas too." It also looks like Dan's wife isn't getting any forgiveness from her former BFF Brooke from whom she stole money from. Rachel tries to give her a check but gets bitch-slapped - literally. But of course, this isn't the last Tree Hill will see of Dan, who tells his wife he's not leaving until he gets what he came for: redemption.

At the end of the episode, budding love-birds Clay and Quinn finally kiss. They've shared some sweet moments throughout the season and I'm glad they finally sealed the deal. But unfortunately, Clay's happiness might be short-lived. It's revealed on the news that the Charlotte Bobcats have acquired a new player in a hush deal while Clay had been holding out on settling Nathan's contract, waiting for a better offer to come along.

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