LOST Spoilers - Jin and Sun?

Jun fans, hold on to your hats, because this news might just blow you away. According to actor Daniel Dae Kim, who plays Jin-Soo Kwon on ABC's LOST, we might not ever see a Sun and Jin reunion. Ever.

Well, let me rephrase that. With the great reset almost a certainty, we'll probably see season one-era Jin and Sun together on Oceanic 815, though don't expect them to be the happiest couple. After all, Sun was prepared to leave Jin at the airport before the flight, and decided on a whim not to. And, after all, they are still getting followed by Mr. Paik's men, who in the alternate reality happen to be Keamy and Omar.

But as for the Islanders Sun and Jin, who were separated by the Island's time travel, we may never see a big reunion. "Maybe Jin and Sun won't get back together again. That's a legitimate possibility, I think," Kim told Movieline.

That would certainly be an interesting choice on the part of the writers. Sun and Jin are currently in different time periods - Jin in 1977, Sun in 2007; and unless the reset changes time in a way we don't yet know, they won't be any closer to reuniting when the series resumes with season six.

How do you feel about that? Will there simply not be a happy ending for the main cast's only married couple? As Kim says, it's a "legitimate possibility." Of course, that means absolutely nothing, since Kim is still as in the dark to the writers' final plans as we are. The only thing that Kim's quote really proves is that at the point of filming that the cast is on - roughly episode eleven and twelve, Sun and Jin have not yet been reunited.

How will you feel if they never do? Will you feel cheated? Or is this lack of reunion just another beautifully tragic story from LOST?

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