The Inbetweeners: ''The Trip to Warwick'' Review

Sex. Now that I've got your attention, let's talk about this latest adventure of The Inbetweeners, the crudest, rudest and funniest episode of the series so far.

It's all about the pursuit - and the eventual attainment - of the physical act of love, but the boys have different ideas on how sex should work...

Simon, the lucky lad who'll soon make the acquaintance of the beast with two backs, looks to the other boys for advice after his suggestion of making love in the bushes is rejected by girlfriend Tara. Will doesn't want Simon to have sex at all, so he can get his friend back; Jay takes the opportunity to go into biological detail about the female anatomy; Neil just offers his extensive fingering advice.

The solution is... well, a little convoluted. Rather than do what any randy teens would do and just wait for their parents to go out, Simon and Tara trek up to her sister's student house at Warwick University, where Simon can work on his dirty talk ("I want to f*** your f***ing fanny off, you t***!") and finally seal the deal. Unfortunately, sitcom rules dictate your idiot mates have to come along for the ride too, otherwise it'd be a short episode - and a lot less funny.

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