Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7, Episode 8: "Officer Krupke" - Review

This was a rather disjointed episode of Curb. I don't feel like it ever really came together and took off in the way so many great episodes of this show have, with too many jokes and bits that fell flat.

This episode was very focused on Larry's clothes - specifically those he wears below the waist. When a fire alarm went off while Larry was trying on a pair of pants, he took off wearing them, rather than wait around. Meanwhile, Susie found a pair of panties in Jeff's glove compartment and Jeff's hasty lie was that the panties belonged to Larry, who Jeff said wore them for comfort.

One element of this episode saw the return of Larry the Super Jerk we saw in "The Hot Towel", and like in that episode, it just took things a bit too far. Larry drinking some lemonade from some kids' lemonade stand and making it obvious he hated it was certainly in character - it's been long established that Larry doesn't hide his feelings or reactions well. But Larry outright demanding his money back and so quickly getting into a fight with the kids took it a step too far. Larry is funny being indignant, abrasive and stubborn, but not so much when he's treating little kids like crap.

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