The Cleveland Show Episode 5: "Cleveland Jr. Cherry Bomb" - Review

Double standards when it comes to teen abstinence seems like a legitimate topic for social commentary; but to make it the central theme of a Seth MacFarlane television show seems like a recipe for trouble. There needs to be a fine balance between presenting some real social satire and combining it with some ridiculously wacky humor. The biggest problem with using this on The Cleveland Show is that Cleveland just isn't over-the-top enough to pull off the humor component.

The whole push to celibacy started when Roberta was caught making out with Federline at a local minor league baseball game. Embarrassed and infuriated by his friends' remarks, Cleveland decides to try and force Roberta to stay a virgin and embrace teen abstinence. It's a dicey topic, and it's handled with about as much tact as you could possibly expect from this creative group.

While attending a church sermon, the reverend calls out for teens to take a purity pledge and "hand over their virginity to their fathers." (There's a tasteless Family Guy joke just waiting to be told here.) To Cleveland's disappointment, Roberta doesn't budge, but instead, Cleveland Jr. decides to take the pledge. This is where the whole double standard bit rears its ugly head with everyone throwing in their two cents on why it's okay for a girl to be abstinent and not a guy, including this gem delivered by Cleveland where he claims that "boys don't get most of the bad diseases."

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