Family Guy Season 8, Episode 5: "Hannah Banana" - Review

Stewie gets all excited about Hannah Montana coming to Quahog, and after Brian finds a way to get Stewie backstage, the youngest member of the Griffin clan discovers that Hannah Montana is actually an android. Meanwhile, Chris proves to his family that the Evil Monkey is real.

Why Stewie would be such a huge Hannah Montana fan feels a bit out of character, but I suppose he's got to balance between being a toddler, an evil genius, and a not so in the closet homosexual, so being Miley Cyrus' biggest fan could somehow be justified due to his obvious conflicting personality traits.

After Brian talks his way into letting Stewie hang out with Hannah Montana backstage leads Stewie to discover that she's really an android that can be reprogrammed. Prior to this discovery though, Stewie gets a chance to sing a fairly catchy duet with lyrics like "friendship is the best thing ever." Brian wants Hannah Montana reprogrammed to suit his own desires, but Stewie messes up on the wiring, causing Hannah Montana to transform into a city-destroying monster.

Meanwhile, Chris finally gets to show his family once and for all that there really was an evil monkey in his closet. In a really funny sequence, Chris videotapes himself sleeping his room, and we get to see all kinds of activity going on in his bedroom including Quagmire and Peter dipping Chris's hand in water to make him wet himself as well as an unsolicited visit by Herbert. Even funnier is Chris's reaction to all this happening.

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Nov 10, 2009 8:44PM EST

I agree that the videotape sequence was the funniest part of this episode, I was in stitches laughing so hard. I don't agree that Stewie fanboying over hannah montana is out of character at all. He has been like that with a few kids things over that past seasons and this was similar. I think it was right for him the way he tried to pretend that he hated it but couldn't contain himself, it was really funny.

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