NIKITA ''Pilot'' Review

The CW introduces its new show NIKITA with the episode 'Pilot'. While Nikita is the reimagining of a well-worn story, I admittedly have never watched the French movie, US movie, TV series, Hong Kong movie, or the Japanese anime which has a suspiciously similar plot involving a male renegade. This may have worked in my favor though, because otherwise there really isn't anything new about a female action star playing a government-trained assassin. So I begin viewing this show without any expectations or bias, insofar as the whole Nikita phenomenon is concerned.

As a troubled teen, Nikita was rescued by a secret U.S. agency known as Division. Accused of a crime she didn't remember committing, Division gave her a second chance to start a new life and serve her country. They faked her execution and trained her to be a spy and assassin. Nikita broke a Division rule by falling in love with a civilian, who was consequently murdered. She escaped, then after three years in hiding, Nikita makes her presence known again, in order to seek revenge.

Nikita starts by visiting her no-good foster dad. Through him, she sends a message to Division, saying this ends now. She leads Division to her whereabouts, in order to get at Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford), Division's resident computer genius. She unsuccessfully tries to get access to Division's network. This was probably a fake out; but as Birkhoff notes, Nikita would have killed him if she didn't like him. Specifically, Nikita is gunning for Michael (Shane West) who is a top lieutenant at Division and Percy (Xander Berkeley), head of the agency. In the midst of intercepting Division's operation, Nikita gets away thanks to Michael. What was their relationship in the past? Is he good or evil? Fuming Percy makes Nikita a top priority, ordering all agents to hunt and confirm her death.

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