Recap: "Things to Do in Phoenix When You're Dead"

Named after the 90's film, Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead, this episode of Medium starts with a heart monitor beeping away leading us into Allison's dream. Belabored breathing leads us to...Sam Merlotte from True Blood! The heart monitor stops beeping and Allison wakes up drooling. Nothing to see here. Until her next dream. Sam Trammel plays Dr. Brian Seward, a half-ghost playing with his own life.

Brian watches a young woman being killed and he does nothing to stop it. The killer doesn't see him, so we think he is a ghost, and he is, sort of. Allison wakes Joe again after this second dream, to which he replies, "Didn't we just do this?"

"I saw a young woman get redrummed," Allison says to Joe, referencing The Shining to say what she means in front of the girls. Marie wants to know what redrummed is and Bridge is only too happy to explain. Luckily Allison stops her before she has the chance to scare her little sister. Bridge tells her it's a kind of ice cream. Good save! Meanwhile Ariel arrives in the kitchen wearing far too much makeup for a girl her age, although she is driving in this episode. When did she get to be 16?

When Ariel tells them she is going to be having a baby at school and getting married, Joe just about has a coronary. It's just an assignment, but if Joe is anything like my Dad, he's going to string Ariel's 'husband' out to dry, should anything unseemly happen.

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