Recap: "Power of Attorney"

This week on TNT's The Closer, Brenda is forced to make "a deal with the devil" in order to apprehend a serial rapist. Here now the recap.

It's night as police approach a house with stealth. A man runs out the back. Police dogs pursue the suspect up a tree. Inside, a woman, Jessica, lay murdered.

The ensuing review of the crime scene finds that the front door was unlocked, and that the bathroom window screen had been cut. The suspect, Chris Dunlap, phones his lawyer while up in the tree.

The MCD notes that six rapes matching the same M.O. as this murder - cut bathroom screen - took place in the same vicinity. It is then discovered that Chris works as a delivery man, and in fact made deliveries to each of the victims prior to their assault. Chris' lawyer, Mr. Stroh, arrives, and does creepy things like linger near the death room. When a neighbor can't ID Chris as the slim man she saw leaving the murdered gal's home, we soon realize why: He had an accomplice, and Stroh is willing to take eight years for his client in exchange for the name.

Here, Brenda makes what might be a questionable call - she bluffs and claims they're closing in on the second man, and doesn't jump at the deal. This decision will cost her.

Fritz recommends the deal, saying that the longer Brenda hunts on her own for the accomplice, the greater chance Chris will slip away. Pope, too, wants a deal.

At this point, however, Stroh isn't putting eight years on the table; he is insisting on mere probation for Chris. Brenda, Pope and D.A. Garnett are taken aback/outraged. But Stroh has a point, if the MCD hasn't turned up anything on their own.

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