Recap: "I'd Like to Start with the Cat"

Charlie ends up in couples counseling after his current girlfriend becomes very dissatisfied with their relationship.

While they were in bed, Charlie's current girl of the moment, Chelsea, suddenly began crying after Charlie asked her if she wanted pudding. She wasn't' really crying about the pudding, but that's what set her off. She revealed to Charlie that she was sick of their routine, which consisted of TV, sex, and food. She said, "We don't go anywhere, we don't do anything. I want to know who you are; I want you to know who I am." Charlie thought they did know each other. Chelsea asked him what her middle name was, and he guessed wrong. He also had no clue what her cat's name was when she asked him. She knew his middle name, which was Francis. He called her a show-off.

Chelsea was upset and angry, so she left Charlie's house. While she was leaving, Charlie told her that he does care; he just doesn't pay close attention. Alan wanted to know what happened. Charlie told him that the problem was that he didn't know her middle name. Alan told him it was Christine. Alan said he had asked her what it was because he wanted to get to know her. Charlie told Alan that they had lo-mein, sex, and then the crying started. He told Alan that apparently she wanted more out of the relationship. "I've never been mule-kicked for not knowing a cat's name" Charlie said. Alan managed to find out Chelsea's cat's name. "It's Mandu, like Katmandu." He told Charlie. Charlie replied "Why was I thinking Puss-Puss?"

Later, Jake was searching all over the kitchen for dessert. He wasn't having any luck. All he could find was frozen peas. Alan said that Charlie may have been eating all of the desserts. "If you want dessert, have an apple" Alan said to Jake.

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