Preview of Episode 3 "Girl Sleepover"

Oh boy. Things are going to get steamy on tonight's episode of The Real World: Cancun. Things get steamy between Emilee and Ayiiia after they realize their mutual crushes. Of course, it can very well be the alcohol talking. The two are so drunk that they can barely walk up the stairs and end up waking the other Real Worlders because of all the ruckus they're making.

On the last episode of The Real World: Cancun, however, it wasn't just the spitting episode that caught everyone's attention. Of course, that was pretty big, too. After a fight where Ayiiia accused Joey of having herpes, Joey was so pissed that he first threatened to spit at her face. Eventually, he ended up spitting in Ayiiia's tacos. As retaliation for continuing to taunt her, the girls doused Joey's thousand-dollar guitar and ruining it in the process.

Elsewhere on that episode, CJ entered a hot body contest, which he won, naturally. He also started developing a flirtatious friendship with Jonna, who of course has a boyfriend. For her part, she promised that if she were to make out with anyone besides her significant other, it would definitely be CJ. With the guys noticing this, Bronne decided to prank CJ by dressing up like Jonna, complete with a wig and everything. CJ snuggled up to Bronne and even sniffed him before realizing that he wasn't Jonna. The two got matching bracelets and held hands through the market. Things ended up positively, however, as Joey and Ayiiia agreed to work harder at staying civil and even decided to team up to pull a prank on the other roommates.

Also, the roommates met with their new boss, who was very quick to lay down the rules of no entering contests, hooking up with clients, or appearing drunk in public.

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