Video of 'Big Brother' 11 Houseguests Unveiled

Hearing the houseguests speak out really makes it sound like we're once again roaming the hallways of the past, walking by our lockers or getting jammed in them. There are so many memories attached to high school, and the eleventh installment of Big Brother is bringing all those back. Knowing that, it's going to be either the best time of your life or the absolute worst, depending on which spectrum you found yourself in back then.

CBS has just released this sneak peek of each personality that the Big Brother house contains, revealing the quirks and jerks of the houseguests. These 12 strangers are a very diverse group as we've seen from their bios, making it seem like it's anyone's game this season.

Big Brother 11 has been compared to numerous high school-themed references in pop culture. It's anything from Freaks and Geeks to the legendary The Breakfast Club, and even with the occasional twist of the 1989 cult flick Heathers. The similarities are practically endless, and the video below shows us why.

Julie Chen introduces the cast by saying, "Picture yourself back in high school, and this season of Big Brother is gonna get you right back there."

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