Janice Dickinson to Stay on 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here'

It looks as though Janice Dickinson is not going the same way as Speidi. After being rushed out of Costa Rica to receive medical treatment for a viral infection, the model decided to remain in the competition for I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!.

It was discovered that Dickinson entered the show while suffering from bronchitis. Throughout the contest, she confessed to being very uncomfortable due to hunger, and even admitted that she felt "backed up." Her fellow contenders shared her pain, but tried to help out the best they could.

American Idol's Sanjaya Malakar assisted Janice Dickinson before she was taken by the ambulance. After a series of yoga poses and eating a number of fruits like papayas and prunes didn't alleviate the model's aches, he massaged her stomach but to no avail. This led the staff to diagnose her with a viral infection and rush her to the hospital.

"Today, we really believed she's sick," John Salley said. Patti even told the rest that she had to hold Janice's hair back while she threw up that night.

While Janice Dickinson was away, the rest of the celebrities had to deal with an entity far worse than a stomach cramp. A snake crept into the camp, endangering the occupants. While Patti and John were awakened by the commotion, there were no stars harmed.

Later on, Dickinson was treated at the hospital and eventually returned to I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here to finish what she started. Feeling better and refreshed, she chanted "Family! Family!" and was welcomed into the camp once more. She announced that she was glad to be back, and that she especially missed her friend, Hills star Holly Montag.

Excited to return to Costa Rica, Janice Dickinson joined the others in electing a new camp leader. Lou Diamond Phillips had his turn for two terms and after the Q&A trial, it was John Salley who took over the position. See what happens next on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here when it airs tonight on NBC.

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