Recap Charmed: Season 1, Episode 7 - The Fourth Sister

Piper pulls something out of the oven and puts it on a plate. She pours a glass milk, and takes the whole ensemble out to Leo who is on a ladder in the hallway. Phoebe and Prue come down the stairs, and Phoebe is telling Prue that everything will work out with Andy. Phoebe flirts shamelessly with Leo. Prue pulls her away and tells her that Piper really likes Leo, and to butt out. Phoebe says she is not a boyfriend stealer, and tells Prue to leave Roger out of it. Piper comes in and says that Phoebe stole her boyfriend in high school. Phoebe denies it. Prue leaves for work, reminding her sister that she wants the house to herself tonight to spend time with Andy. Phoebe and Piper agree to a little friendly competition over Leo.

Aviva is in her room writing in her diary, saying how much she hates her life. Her Aunt Jackie bursts in, saying she's going to be late for work. Aviva is very confrontational, and won't give her aunt an inch. She asks Jackie why she hasn't called her mother yet, and Jackie says her mother has to be responsible for her own actions. Aviva reminds Jackie that her mother isn't in jail, she's in rehab.

Andy and Prue are trying to pick out a video. They can't agree, with Andy picking "Lethal Weapon 3" and Prue wanting something more romantic. The guy who works in the store offers to help them. Andy says they probably won't get around to watching it anyway, since something always comes up when they plan on spending time together. Prue promises that won't happen tonight. The video store guy comes back with "Body Heat" and the couple take it.

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