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For much of this season, the big True Blood mystery was, "What is Maryann?". Now we have an answer to this...but...with 2 episodes remaining, the question has instead become, "How do we defeat her?"

Last night's all new episode of True Blood, "New World in My View" brought us the show's pitch perfect blend of drama, humor and discomfort that this second season seems to have really mastered.

We opened with - as we were warned - Eric's invading of Sookie's dreams, which made for some steamy scenes (though, I am sorry, I have found Eric vastly less attractive ever since he lost the long hair). Though the hookup did turn out to be a dream, I'm sure you were all screaming at the TV for the first 30 seconds when it appeared to be occurring in reality. My response was, "It doesn't count! It doesn't count!" But who thinks that a real Eric/Sookie hookup might not be such a impossibility...perhaps next season?

This episode finally brought Sookie and crew back to Bon Temps, though of course they were met with a very different Bon Temps - one that looked like the set of 28 Days Later, complete with a town full of rabid, bug-eyed zombies, courtesy of Mary-Ann. One lingering question which I can't quite figure out long exactly was everyone gone? I am assuming that the answer to this is no more than around a week, but so much has changed that it seems as though it has been infinitely longer.

"New World in My View" contained a whole lot of humor, as all of the normal characters had the opportunity to act - completely deranged (and I'm not unconvinced that to film all of these scenes Alan Ball didn't just give the actors a bunch of booze and tell them to go wild).

Sam was front and center in this episode, as the whole town was given a mandate by Mary Ann to locate him and bring him to her, which put Sam into hiding and gave us a new found partnership between him and Andy. Actually, make that a trio, after Jason joined in with this lone group of sane people - which again led to many of the episode's funniest moments - in both Merlotte's and during the whole faux-sacrificing of Sam scene ("Bullshit! God's got horns!"). I was concerned earlier this season about what they were doing with Jason's character, but lately I am totally digging how his experience at crazy bible camp has given us a newly enlightened (albeit still impulsive) Jason Stackhouse.

One of this episode's B-level subplots included the various Tara/Lafayette/Tara's mom scenes, complete with Tara's exorcism. I enjoyed Lafayette's "This is the worst exorcism ever" crack, but barring that, these scenes didn't do all that much for me, as "curing" Tara does little for the plot at large. It was Interesting ithough how the tables were obviously completely turned between Tara and her mother as a comparison to last season.

Of course, perhaps the most interesting thing that occurred in this week's episode was Sookie's interaction/confrontation with Mary Ann. And we're with you Mary Ann. "What are you?", Sookie Stackhouse? That little flash of magic that emanated from Sookie suggests that Sookie's powers are far greater than we initially anticipated.

Last but not least, this episode unveiled the lower leg/foot of the Vampire Queen. Can't wait to see more of her next week! did this week's True Blood stack up for you? What did you think was the funniest moment? What do you think Sookie is? How will everyone defeat Mary Ann?

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Aug 25, 2009 2:18AM EDT

SPoiler AlertN some questions

i think tht the spark of light from sookie was due to her being part fairy but y would they reveal it at this stage as it was in book 4 or 5 tht aundray finds out abt it n wht abt hadly would she be casted in this or the up coming season or just follow up after her death. she is important for the fact she is the one who brings sookie in to queen's attention atleast in the book.....

Default avatar cat
Aug 25, 2009 3:07AM EDT

Who else thinks that the vampire queen is Bill's maker?

Aug 25, 2009 12:56PM EDT

no she is not they already revealed the maker n its unlikely tht a vamp would forget its maker

Default avatar cat
Aug 26, 2009 11:30PM EDT

I just hope they don't end up saying she's an angel or something of that sort.

Default avatar cat
Aug 30, 2009 9:21AM EDT

i think perhaps that all the vampire blood that Sookie is drinking is slowly turning her (into a vamp)or into more of a supernatural or perhaps enhancing her abilities as a mind-reader
It may also have something to do with Sookie simply testing her abilities on something different as it seems that so far she has only tried on humans and vampires.

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