Recap Charmed: Season 1, Episode 10 - Wicca Envy

Pru has been shopping for a new wardrobe, which Phoebe insists is perfect for an SHW-Single Hot Witch. "Maybe I should ask Piper", she says as Piper and Leo, the handyman, come running towards the stairs, half-dressed. Piper freezes the scene, and her sisters tease her and then hide in the living room so that she can unfreeze Leo and head upstairs. Later, Pru is in her room putting things away and Kit the cat is nearby playing with empty shopping bags when an apparition of Rex Buckland, Pru's boss appears behind her. Kit hisses at his appearance as he begins to whisper suggestions in her ear. He tells Pru to empty her briefcase, only when she opens it, there is a diamond tiara sitting on top. Rex suggests this is her datebook, and this is what Pru sees. She puts it in her desk as Kit hisses again, and Rex disappears. Back in his office, Hannah is confused as to how the new power works, and he tells her it is astral projection, and he made subliminal suggestions to Pru that she followed. He tells Hannah he did the same thing to Pru today when he made her leave the vault with the tiara. Hannah insists she still doesn't get it, so he astral projects behind her and suggests she undress for him, and she does.

Phoebe is at the bottom of the stairs wearing one of Pru's old suits--she has an interview with an employment agency today. As she and Pru talk, Piper rushes through on her way to work. They tease her that she was supposed to go in early today, and she says, "It just took a little longer than usual to get out of bed this morning." Leo comes down the stairs, and kisses Piper goodbye.

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