Will The Next District 9 Be A Prequel?

Without giving too much away for those who've not yet seen it, we're dying to know what happens next to Wikus, Sharlto Copley's odious hero from last year's breakout hit sci-fi District 9.

Director Neill Blomkamp however, isn't so sure. Speaking to the LA Times' Hero Complex blog, he mooted the idea of a prequel, rather than a follow-up.

"I wouldn't mind messing around with it again," he says, "providing the story works and there's a reason to do it. And Wikus is so funny to me, I'm very interested in a sort of passive racist like that. If you go forward with his story beyond District 9, it's more of a traditional film, but if you go backward I'd be intrigued in that. I'm not so interested in aliens coming back and blowing things up but a prequel might be interesting."

So is he right? Could a follow-up to District 9 avoid the pitfalls of sci-fi sequeldom? Surely keeping Wikus as the protagonist could at least make things interesting and unusual, given his current condition...

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