Review: Dexter - The Getaway (season finale) Season 4, Episode 12

I don't care what the issue is, what topic I'm discussing, or what area of my life needs improvement. If Jennifer Carpenter, the actress who plays Debra Morgan on Dexter, has the answer for me, I'm going to follow it to a tee.

That's because she can correctly predict the emotional outcome of any situation, including the reaction I'd have to last night's Dexter finale. I should really have her sit in on my next IRS audit. Chances are if she can't help me cope with the soul crushing inevitability of my pending financial breakdown, she can curse out the auditor and leave him in a bigger sadness heap than I'll be in.

The whole episode took me through a range of gut-wrenching and tense emotions that my stomach didn't know it had until the very shocking ending left me empty and sad for our hero, even though he finally wiped that human stain of evil, Arthur Mitchell, off the face of the Earth. If you didn't watch last night's episode and hate it when mean, heartless bloggers like me spoil those endings for you, do not, I repeat, DO NOT READ ANYTHING BEYOND THIS POINT.

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