Recap Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Season 5, Episode 18 - Business as Usual

Quark and Jadzia Dax are playing Tongo in the bar, but the Ferengi's heart isn't in it. His debts are mounting and will soon have to sell his establishment. Quark's cousin Gaila enters the bar and offers to help him out of his predicament. Quark knows immediately what the enterprise is - selling weapons. Gaila tells him that no weapons will be brought to Deep Space Nine, as Odo would stop them. Instead, Quark will use his skills with customers to display holographic versions of the weapons in the holosuites. Gaila claims the money will help him pay off his debt, help renew his business license and would be able to buy his moon.

Soon Quark realizes his new clients will kill him if he messes up and also want to buy many weapons which will kill millions of innocent people.

Quark realizes he must find a way to escape with his life and not be part of a genocide program.

Source: Wikipedia

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