Top 10 Shows that "Jumped the Shark," Part 2 - Featured

You've seen SideReel's first 5 shows that jumped the shark, and now it's time for Part 2:

Prison Break - You could see how a show entitled Prison Break might get itself into trouble in terms of keeping things fresh. Frankly, after the break-out in the first season, the show never lived up to that same quality again. The Season 2 Manhunt seemed to lack focus...and by Season 3 (back in prison, because breaking out once wasn't enough)...I was finished.

Smallville - I can't pinpoint this show's jumping the shark to a specific season or episode (you true fans can help me out), but I recall a time when I was watching the program and I thought to myself..."This guy used to be so hot". This is not to say that Tom Welling still isn't a perfectly attractive and appealing lead, but face it...he's on the verge of 32. He is no longer a young Clark Kent and Smallville is no longer a young show. Throw in the departure of some of the show's key players...and you know this one has overstayed its welcome.

Grey's Anatomy - Some of you cited this show in the comments of Part 1...and I couldn't agree more! When did Grey's 'Jump the Shark'? It really went off the deep end when Izzie starting seeing dead people. And talking to them. And having sex with them. But I'm going to be bold and call the "jump moment" even earlier. This might be a mere correlation and not a cause, but this show has been a stank mess ever since the end of the 3rd season when Burke left (which is not to say I still don't watch every minute of it).

Scrubs - I was a Scrubs fanatic from the it pains me to say this, but the show has jumped the shark. This last season on ABC especially has done nothing except detract from the show's overall legacy. What really killed it for me was that aired-out-of-order "My Princess" episode on NBC last season. Cute episode. Made no sense continuity-wise. And this season? Sorry, but it's just not that funny anymore. It's a 30 minute drama being sold to us as a comedy, and that makes me sad.

Nip/Tuck - For its first 2 seasons, Nip/Tuck was the most inventive thing on television. Then...there was that whole Eva storyline, and the Carver, and it's only gotten worse from there. There's only so many times that a crazy person can attempt to kill Sean and/or Christian before we call shenanigans on the show. For Nip/Tuck, I will pin the shark jump to the point at which they packed up and moved to LA. Sometimes, a change of scenery can do a show good. I was really optimistic at first when this change occurred, but it quickly sank back to its same degree of absurdity, if not more. Colleen the teddy-bear-making faux-agent from hell? Don't get me started...

Which shows do you think have jumped the shark? Are we missing your selection? Do you disagree with ours? Discuss!



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Mar 25, 2009 5:10PM EDT

YES YES YES! As I said before Scrubs for me dies a loooong time ago when it just ran out of ideas and started overplaying certian idiosynchrosis (?) of characters to beyond the afterlife.
Quite true about Nip/Tuck. That's about the point I signed off on the show too.
Not too sure why Smallville is there. It's a superhero show which is now ultimately leading up to the appearance of Doomsday which gets me excited even just writing about it! So it can't really jump the shark by making ridiculous storylines which make no reference to the overall storyline.
What can we say about Prison Break?...... Sona=R.I.P

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Mar 25, 2009 5:26PM EDT

Okay, I really am fighting my urge to defend House and Lost here...though Lost is kind of losing me with this whole "we're in a new time" saga. I suspect they jumped the shark when this began...but luckily, I believe they have a predicted end to the series (2011, right?) so we know it's going to take on direction soon.
As for House, I love 13, so I can't really hate these new people. I do still enjoy the series but I kind of hope they leave House and Cutty separate. I like it better when she's not googly eyed over him.

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Mar 25, 2009 6:19PM EDT

I believe that people are unfair on Lost. Here's the thing; when we saw polar bears on an island, it was fine. When Locke suddenly rose up from his wheelchair, it was fine. Whatever the Smoke Monster did, it was fine. However, when the time travel thing was introduced, people said "whoa, this is not OK." What was OK before? The miraculous island, the not-aging Richard Alpert, all the coincidences; they were all fine; but "time travel" is jumping the shark?Lost will definitely end in 2010. The producers have been saying that they know the end since the beginning of the show. An actor, Matthew Fox, actually knows the end of the show. Whatever we have seen up-to-now, it was supposed to be there since the beginning.Why do shows jump the shark? Because of the falling ratings. Lost's ratings are on the fall partly because of the introduced "time travel" thing which people find confusing, yet is part of the original storyline. This is not jumping the shark, this is the producers telling the story they have wanted to tell since the beginning.If they don't conclude the series in 2010, if they make several movies on it, release PC games etc., then I would say that it jumped the shark. But not yet.

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Mar 25, 2009 8:02PM EDT

I completely agree with semioticus, people just drew the line of where Lost jumps the shark where they needed to start thinking a bit (time travel).Smallville has jumped over itself jumping the shark. I cant remember when it happened, but the charm clark just doing his old thing, saving everyone all the time, has just worn off.Prison Break obv.Heroes though is the most disappointing one. A thrilling first season, rife with so many interesting possibilities of character interactions, and an explosive conclusion. then we realize in season 2 that there was no conclusion, nobody died, just everyone meets everyone. there's no direction, futures change willy nilly with every action, and somehow only the most boring character paths were selected. if i could condense jumping the shark into one word, "sharkjumption", then heroes has suffered premature sharkjumption.

Mar 25, 2009 8:22PM EDT

what about one tree hill? in my opinion i can't pinpoint the sharkjumption lolbut over time the inumerous deaths and car acidents did the trick =/ now its so boring it's sad

Mar 25, 2009 9:13PM EDT

i can't believe you included Family Guy on this list...the episode when Lois and stewie kill each other is a very obvious wink at the whole "it was just a dream" Dallas ending.

Mar 25, 2009 9:58PM EDT

I don't think that Smallville has jumped the shark. It had a very poor season seven, it's true, but a good deal of that had to do with writer's fatigue and that a couple of the long time actors just weren't that into it anymore. Now, in season eight, the tired characters with no future are gone, and everything is re-vamped and edgy. I have found this season to be a very exciting one as you can see the "transition" to Superman occurring. (In the last few episodes there was even a discussion about creating a costume). I think it just needed a second wind, and I am eagerly looking forward to season nine.
That being said, I agree with ALL the other shows on this list.

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Mar 25, 2009 11:11PM EDT

While I agree with most of your criticisms there is one huge problem with this whole list. You, like most internet complainers, don't seem to get the distinction between a show not being great and a show "jumping the shark." Just because a show isn't that great anymore absolutely does not mean it has jumped the shark. Take a show like Scrubs. You said it's just not that funny anymore, and I agree. But being not that funny anymore and jumping the shark are two completely different things. Jumping the shark is when a show gets absolutely ridiculous or violates it's own premise or acts outside what fits in it's universe. I think somebody on Grey's anatomy seeing and talking to dead people is a great example of jumping the shark. But there's no way that Scrubs not being that funny anymore is in the same category.
I personally think this is an important distinction and it annoys me when anybody on the internet that wants to say a show has gone downhill says it's jumped the shark because they think that makes them sound cool. Another great example is Heroes. Heroes didn't jump any sharks, it just started sucking.

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Mar 25, 2009 11:25PM EDT

I couldn't agree more, as far as nip/tuck is concerned. I've watched this show from the first episode, and lately I am so disappointed. The only reason I keep watching is because I am so invested in each character.I agree with you that the move to LA was bad. The writers of the show SPECIFICALLY made the setting Miami in the first place to portray plastic surgery in a specific light. They didn't want to have to address celebrities in the show, because it was going to detract from what the show was really about--relationships between the characters.Although this was a bad moment in the show, I think it jumped the shark much earlier, When Julia got pregnant. What followed that moment was awful. Operating on the disfigured child? A midget nanny? Yuck! and it just gets worse and worse

Mar 26, 2009 1:05AM EDT

Well Written! I 100% agree about family guy, prison break and scrubs. FG and PB died for me long time ago. But what happened to scrubs? it's just not funny anymore! i hope they will find a way to finish this final season better then they are doing right now! However i think House and Lost still got it. House s5 started well but i didn't like any of the last episodes! Lost is better then ever!But the plot is so twisted and complicated that i won't be suprised if eventually they will "jump the shark"!

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Mar 26, 2009 1:23AM EDT

turnerjazz has it exactly right, there is a giant difference between jumping the shark and just not being as good as it once was. Lost definitely hasnt and while scrubs isnt as good as the first few seasons, they avoided jumping the shark by not getting jd and elliot together in an over the top way. It was just a real life situation not like like they said in the show, no one is gonna rush to the airport to stop the other person or anything like that, so you have to give them credit for that. Shows that actually have jumped the shark are;that 70s show-Randy,Jackie&Fez?Prision Break-DB Copper's money, panama jail, sarah head in a box etc...,The O.C.- Marissa gets killed off, Ryan&whatever her name was?Nip/Tuck-moving to LA, Matt in scientology, kid with kimber?

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Mar 26, 2009 3:16AM EDT

I agree with nearly all the shows on both lists. I LOVED nip/tuck but even before LA the whole carver and carver-like storylines are a bit silly and don't really fit into what i enjoyed about the show.i agree with turnerjazz you're a bit hasty with your 'jumped shark' moments. Smallville hasn't really jumped the shark i think it has made a miraculous recovery from a couple of mediocre seasons and is regaining its momentum again, it should be a lesson to all these other shows! Lost has always been unbelievable though, i did get v. bored of no answers and moving the island was ludicrous but it's quite good this season. don't write it off just yet, shows can never keep up if they're overhyped.
PB s2 could never live up to the awesomeness of s1 but i think it was a pretty good try! From Sona onwards it was definitely over though. Good call-out on when grey's was ruined! As soon as isaiah washington was sacked over silly cast in-fighting it was never much good and i had to force myself to keep watching. So all of a suddden derek could forgive sloan for eveything just cos his character now needs a new friend? izzy/dead denny sex thing merely just took it to new lows and i as a die-hard fan nearly gave up and left, but i didn't quite in the hope it'd be a tumour even though shonda rhimes catergorically lied and said no (which totally backfired!). But i'm finally admitting defeat, mcdreamy having a breakdown over nothing just so things won't be settled with him and meredith? bored already!And what about OTH? i'm gonna call it at Lucas/Peyton being thrown together merely cos lucas/brooke divorced in real life. that show used to be so emotional it was awesome but when the writers cared less about relationships and more about stupid sensationalist storylines it became a pointless show.

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Mar 26, 2009 4:00AM EDT

Scrubs stopped being REALLY funny back in Season 4 as far as I'm concerned. There are a few episodes thereafter that have their moments, but the days when Scrubs was thirty (well, twenty) minutes of non-stop hilarity are long gone, as far as I'm concerned.
As far as Smallville, I stopped watching this show a LONG while ago - mostly because I got way behind on the story and never cared enough about it to catch up. It's true that Tom Welling and the show alike are getting a bit grown-up to pass as a coming-of-age, prequel kind of story. But previews I've seen of things to come (and keep in mind, I don't actually know all the context so I could be completely off base here) seem interesting. No, there doesn't seem to be much of the "origins of Superman" element left. But I think it's good that Smallville has exceeded its original scope and actually developed into an expansion of Superman lore rather than a modernized rehashing that fills in a few blanks.

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Mar 26, 2009 11:51AM EDT

I can't help but think Smallville has 'successfully' jumped the horse, if you will. I know that's a sort of contradictory term, but this season I found the whole 'transition to Superman' thing brilliant.
They could only go with the young Clarke Kent angle for so long, and they are slowly letting go of it. They've introduced new characters and I for one think it's working.
Couldn't agree more on the Family Guy call, however the Lost call not so much. I, like many other people, found myself saying 'time travel, really?' at the beginning of the season, however I've gotta admit I'm really enjoying the latest season (I personally think it's better so far than seasons 3 and 4).

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Mar 27, 2009 10:04AM EDT

i also stopped watching smallville a long time ago, it became so dark. and i really missed the kent family.
i think that heroes and prison break had a too good first season, and it was hard to keep going.
Nip tuck, still watching, because i love Julian mc mahon, but it jumped the shark before L.A, it's still good, but not the same.
scrubs didn't jumped the shark, it just isn't as funny as it used to be. :(
and grey's anatomy, ok, can somebody tell why everybody is so upset with the whole izzie seing death denny? that was great, and cute, and it brought the funny izzie back.for me grey's really jumped the shark during s4, that season was a mess, a real one, everything was just falling appart, all that sadness and drama, nobody was happy. and at the end, they gave us a happy ending because there was no choice, nothing exiciting happened.s5 it's recovering, thanks to characters like cali, sloan or little grey. the grey's anatomy spirit is back! yeah!

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Mar 27, 2009 5:32PM EDT

I can't believe Smallville is even on this list and One Tree Hill isn't?!
Yeah I can see that Smallville through out the seasons has lingered on young Clark and that you can only be so young for so long as an actor but that is the point of the show? Smallville was meant to be a show about when "Superman" was young. Now in Season 8, it's going towards him becoming Superman, and it's doing a damn good job. I can't wait for Season 9!
And One Tree Hill should be on here. It should have been canceled along time ago. Yet it continues with these dumb story lines, it's horrifying to watch. Hence why I stopped watching it.
As for Heroes? Yeah, it's jumped the shark but I can't help but to love watching it. It keeps me wondering what comes next.
Prison Break I stopped watching after Season 1. No idea whats going on now, nor care to know. Season 1 was the best. =D

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Mar 27, 2009 9:19PM EDT

I love the x-files but considering that they have a episode called "Jump the Shark" I have to say that show lost its appeal towards the end.

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Mar 27, 2009 9:38PM EDT

Sometimes the best thing to do is let a show die I felt that prison break should have been a one season show and that anything after was just a money making scam and had no plot Hero's has defiantly lost direction and I'll be honest lost never had much appeal to me in the first place. With smallville I feel that the new season is almost a new series and could have been marketed as such its not awful but its not smallville I would have been happy if One Tree Hill had ended at graduation and have had some issues with it even before that point I know that television is a business but for a lot of shows I think a 4 or 5 season run is all they've got and there's nothing wrong with that let them die with some dignity for gods sake

Mar 28, 2009 8:44AM EDT

I'll admit, Smallville did jump the shark last season, but this season has been much better. Losing two main characters helped it to find a different angle and refreshed an otherwise unoriginal concept. The eighth season is still a lot better than a lot of other shows on TV.
Greys jumped the shark when Addison left... simple.

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Mar 28, 2009 1:52PM EDT

okay so I do agree about The O.C. but as for Prison Break no way! The fourth season was amazing!

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Mar 28, 2009 8:03PM EDT

Gossip Girl is headed in that direction... obviously it's a frivolous show that's requires an immense amount of the suspension of disbelief (never ending wardrobes and fifteen-year-olds at the bar?), but the first season was intriguing and indulgent. Now the incestuousness of these relationships (think love hexagons) is becoming tiresome, and can Blair and Chuck please stop constantly flip-flopping between being "good" and "bad". All we need is some chick to die and we have the O.C. all over again.
Lost has disappointed me. Of course it could seem fickle to lose faith after the time flip when we've endured smoke monsters, miracles, and tropical polar bears, but at least back then we got little pieces of the puzzle week after week to help us make sense of this nonsense and keep us wondering. Now, with time travel, anything is game; there are just multiple alternate realities that seem so far removed from where we started that it has become way too loopy. I'm done trying to "figure things out" because, at this point, I just want them to feed me the answers so I can stop watching.
Grey's Anatomy - I'd say the first glimpse of jumping the shark was the episode where Meredith dies for a moment and sees heaven. Visions of dead people seem to be a recurring problem in this show... I love Denny, but he's dead. They killed him off, so keep it that way.
House has also definitely lost steam. The newbies kicked off the moment of jumping the shark, and it hasn't been the same since. Not to mention, how many far-fetched diagnoses can there be? I'm also tired of constantly searching for the root of illness by breaking into a patient's house. Come on, now.
Heroes - Great first season. That's about it.

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Mar 29, 2009 8:22PM EDT

Everything said about Prison Break was like hitting the hammer on the nail, but it's quite the opposite with Smallville.
Sure Tom Welling was like this young boy wonder in the first seasons of Smallville, but I think his maturity is what transcends him into the Superman image. You must admit with the new addition to cast and old dropouts, the show is doing good. This season is the one I'm actually following straight through. Maybe young Clark Kent has overstayed his welcome, but this Clark is opening doors and flying heights I didn't imagine possible.
Grey's Anatomy was losing it's edge since Season 2 and went downhill when Addison left for Private Practice (a.k.a. my new favorite series) and I really don't know what is going on there (except when Addison guest stars)!

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Mar 30, 2009 7:31AM EDT

I specially agree with Heroes jumping the shark, and grey's anatomy and smallville, albeit, that last episode of grey's was surprisingly good and reminescent of the good old days when the show had emotion and not just terrible drama. And whaddaya know, george finally got more than a couple of lines!
I do disagree with the OC however. I think that last season with mischa barton was absolutely terrible and lesbian stint was a shameless attempt at ratings and the best thing they ever did was letting her go. The next season, was way better. That is to say, they did go off the deep end for that season and tried to recuperate best they could in their final season. They won me over. And I was never a huge fan.
The problem, I would say, is that at one point the plot gets out of your hands, evidence - 24! And with shows like smallville, I don't think it's about how old the character looks (lets please remember dylan in the original BH 90210) it's about the build of the show. And I'm not saying they're building up this season badly, it's better than some of their past, but they're definitely taking their freedom against the original comic books. Sometimes that a good thing, sometimes it's just laughable.

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Mar 30, 2009 5:05PM EDT

You have most of those right, but not too sure why smallville is on your list. Smallville has been FANTASTIC! This season especially! Not going to lie, when lana and lex left the show, without much explanation I wasn't pleased, but all the loose ends were tied up when this season started and season 8 has been one of the best yet!

and tom welling is STILL smoking hot

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Mar 31, 2009 1:44AM EDT

Most of the shows on here I agree with 100% but smallville is not one of them sure last season got kind of tired and old, i mean lex can olny be so bad and so emo for so long before it gets meh, and Lana man i hated her, she always mad clark a retard but now this new season with Doomsday the only thing to ever kill superman and Tess i mean is she good or bad its like when lex was first around all that has had me waiting every week to see what happens next I am hoping by the end of this season or next they give clark the costume and start a new show about superman as well superman

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Mar 31, 2009 4:53AM EDT

The thing with Smallville is - well, it jumped the shark AGES ago, what with 7 seasons of Clark/Lana/someone-else love triangles where and inconsistencies with characters, throwaway episodes. But this season the writers have been changed out, Doomsday is in, and they're finally throwing in some interesting stuff now that they realize the show is probably gonna end soon. So it's KINDA bounced back this season, actually. Though if it holds up much longer, it'll jump all over again.

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Mar 31, 2009 8:49AM EDT

nobodyuseful I do agree with you as a fan, I think next season will be the end of smallville, they might keep it going as a new superman series but the best thing they can do to keep it from jumping the shark again is to keep lana gone the worst parts of this series was the building relationship with Lois then its all gone cuz lana is back for 3 episodes it kind of just ruined the whole build up they have had the whole season so far between the two.
The other one is Family guy i mean when did the show ever make sense it has always been wild and crazy and that is what makes it so funny

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Mar 31, 2009 9:44AM EDT

I definitely think that Smallville lost its momentum at one point especially up to season 7. I remember when it started I could not tear myself away but after about season 3 or 4 it just kinda got boring with the same old story lines and I was not happy about them killing of the father as he is in the films!! But it did make a huuuuge rebound in season 8. They've refocused the storyline, gotten rid of any confusing aspects and redirected the story to Clark Kent's journey.
Family Guy has just gotten really old and boring now I find. When I first started watching it I would laugh out loud all the time. Now I barely smile when I watch an episode! The jokes are repeated constantly and are never very clever anymore and it is usually just a constant attack at Fox and there is no longer any real character development or depth anymore. And has faaar too much vomit in it!! What's up with that?
Scrubs for me also suffered the same death and just kept repeating the same old jokes and I stopped watching that seasons ago. I completely agree that it just became a drama with occasional moments of comedy!

Mar 31, 2009 1:26PM EDT

You forgot Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicals. That show went from high action and a great story line to a dull boring soap opera, they try to spice it up by killing a cast member or having irrelevant flashbacks. but it just drags on and on. And I have to disagree with lost. Yeah its weird and bizarre but thats what makes the show and people who say they "dont get it" most likely have some from of ADD and cant follow the storyline.

Mar 31, 2009 1:34PM EDT

Smallville hasnt really jumped yet, but the storyline is so far from the Superman legend that they might as well change the name to the "Tom Welling Show".
Family Guy used to be funny. I would watch the older shows over and over and laugh every time. But now its just Seth Mcfarlanes way of spewing out his one sided views on politics and religion.

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Mar 31, 2009 5:33PM EDT

I have to disagree with Terminator I mean sure it is kinda soap opra now but well it has not jumped the shark i mean the story is coming of age of John Connor (wow sound kinda like another show...smallville), and as a teen with robots out to kill him well i just have to say that there is going to be a lot of damn soap opraness in it, so kinda slowed down yes jumped the shark no.

Apr 4, 2009 5:18AM EDT

I have another show for you: Skins. The first two series had real characters, close to reality stupidity and got very weird in the end, like any normal show. Watched every minute and loved it. But the 3rd season....Dear lord. New cast (awful characters...most of them) that is completely weird, and the whole point of it is to show alcohol, more drugs more sex, more extreme sex, catfights etc. I wouldn't mind that, but add these to a real storyline!

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Apr 4, 2009 9:35AM EDT

You can't really say that family guy has jumped the shark (well you can but it doesn't make sense) as it is a comedy cartoon, so therefore it is more focused on the ride of the show, not its destination. Lost has totally lost it, can't even watch it anymore. I don't think that scrubs has jumped the shark, i would say it comedy has evolved with time and experience (and its under the same princple of family guy as its a comedy). I just think this post is based mainly on the fact that no one likes change, writers know that if they didnt evolve the story lines, we would all get bored of the same crap, and switch off, and it obviously worsk because were all still watching them. However only to a certain extent (Lost has gone off the rails and doesn't deserve air time!).

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Apr 7, 2009 1:29AM EDT

I want to defend House but I can't see anything wrong with whats said here. The show may not have completely gone over, true, but it is getting there. Not much is left to explore. Cuddy and House will eventually get it on. Wilson will find someone. Hopefully the old team will come back and House will get rid of this lot with the exception of Kal Penn's character who is really cool.As for Smallville, this show finally found its feet again after that crappy Lana mess. I mean they turned Superman into a soap opera with cool villains only in the season finale. It got worse when the show was all about the supporting characters and Clark had to fight someone just for the heck of it. Its finally back on track with decent characters, less sappy Lana induced drama and a major villain. It looks like the end of this show, which may last one more season at the most. Whatever it is I am watching it.Scrubs, died after season 5. That was possibly the most interesting season but since then and even season 4 this show has been dull. It has had a few good moments every season but nothing which makes it this good. This season looks like its working towards an end and its doing little to increase interest. So yea, it jump the shark a while back.

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Apr 7, 2009 1:19PM EDT

I totally agree with your list. Lost really disappointed me. At first i was a huge fan of it but since season 3 the story ist getting worse every week. And now there all those time shifts and backflash. I´m starting to ask myself how saommeone can come up with such ideas for a tv show.One show ist missing on the list I think. Gilmore girls was a very nice show at the beginning and it seemed like the authors but a lot of thought into the story line. But when season 7 came it became really messed up. Especially the last few Episodes where very disappointing if you followed a show over so many years.

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Apr 7, 2009 6:18PM EDT

As much as I love Heroes, I have to admit that after the first season it just plummeted. I don't know if I'd say that it jumped the shark, though. Mostly it's just riddled with plot holes and continuity issues. (Like the whole "oh-no-we-lost-our-powers-because-there's-an-eclipse" thing. Did that not happen the first time there was an eclipse, or was the second one just "special"?)Totally agree about Lost. I never know exactly what the hell is going on with that show anymore, what with the whole time-warping weirdness.And I do have one to add to the list: CSI. It was deteriorating for a while, but Grissom's departure really put the final nail in the coffin. Actually, all of the CSI shows are pretty lame now that I think about it. I don't know if you could call it "jumping the shark," but I think they all passed their expiration dates a while ago.

Apr 8, 2009 6:43AM EDT

I agree with most of the shows up there.Greys definately. Izzy and the dead guy is just weird. But yea, when Addison left, it just wasn't the same. The show hasn't been the same since the new interns came in.
Prison break, well... yea, Fairly obvious. It was awesome in the first two seasons though.
Scrubs isn't funny anymore.
Heroes is becoming a hectic mess but I still enjoy it.
House. This show WAS brilliant. but after introducing the new team and having the old one broken up - that was a BIG mistake.
I still love Smallville. I agree with all those out there who say that now that Lana's gone, its given more opportunities for the show and at least now he and Lois can finally get on the right track.It's still good. I mean season 8 is much better than 7. Lana held him back and made him this sad, weak character. Now he's finally living up to the Superman expectations.
Xfiles - definately lost the plot when Moulder left.

Apr 8, 2009 1:11PM EDT

Okay I'm gonna state the obvious and I can't believe no one has picked up on this yet about Lost, that it is called LOST! I think that it's kinda the point that you get Lost and say WTF was that. And truth be you disagree and I won't care one bit. It's the best show on TV it well written, directed, and acted. Not a lot of shows can say that, especially those of "reality" flavor. And it's true about Heroes I'm sad to say, but it is getting better now with Byran Fuller back, (which I'm still mad about Pushing Daisies). And last but not least I think that Smallville actually "jumped the shark" every season it's been on the air. For example: "Chloe" which they finally addressed this season, Lana marrying Lex WTF!!!!, Lois coming Smallville which happened but not that early, all the Meteor freaks which apparently is a lot, but although I didn't like some of the "jumps" i.e. Lana and Lex still kinda pissed off they did that. And I have to say season 6 was by far worse then 7, although it was defiantly candy coated. I do like this season the best, but they killed Lex.

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Apr 8, 2009 7:06PM EDT

Smallville.Writers fatigue has definitely taken hold. That said, I should mention that I'm a die hard fan & still follow the show. Although I don't make a point to catch it on tv anymore (internet).This show was once great. It had a solid cast & every episode featured music from new, current,or undiscovered groups that was actually good. Most of the music they play now is so boring. The Luthors, best characters ever. What were they thinking letting these two go. Not only were they awesome, they provided the best acting this show will ever see.If they couldn't keep their best character/actors they should have ended the show with a bang, a grand finale. Now it's obvious that they want to keep it going. I suggest they look to the comic books. Their have been so many great story lines over the years that they could never do them all. When I watch this show, it feels like the writers have never even read a comic book. It's like they choose stories based on what will sell the most toys or what appeals to the most people. This show isn't called Justice League.If they must push the league on us, how about using characters that everyone knows.A young tormented Bruce Wayne that hasn't yet found his way sounds interesting.
I have a lot more to say people, blog it up.

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Apr 9, 2009 12:47AM EDT

I think LOST jumped the shark in the episode when the others were coming in to raid the camp and everyone but three people stayed behind to wait for the others to come so they could shoot explosives from a distance and kill them. (That was a long sentence, I hope you know what I'm talking about.) Anyway the more specific point is when they gather everyone on some mountain and say, "This is how we're going to defeat them!" (along those lines) then they pull some lever and there's a GIGANTIC EXPLOSION! When they could have just said "we found explosives and will be blowing them up."

Apr 9, 2009 6:38PM EDT

Lost - being lost on an island can only entertain for so long. They are now lost in time. I think this is a fresh way to tell stories about the history of the island as otherwise there would just be entire episodes dedicated to Ben or Richard talking about the history of the Island. Surely this is a much more interesting way to tell the story? How would you have them tell it otherwise without a recasting?And the polar bear? - we know the island moves (hence the ship the Black Rock being marooned in the middle of it) so surely them moving the Island explains this? Plus - when they go to visit the lady in the church, she tells them the island is constantly moving... surley this is explaining things for us then?
I still enjoy Lost and I like that it's confusing. To be honest, i found the polar bear and the invisible monster harder to swallow than time-travel.

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Apr 9, 2009 9:44PM EDT

SmallvilleWhat ever happened to Martha? She goes to Washington & it's like she never existed. You would think with her high profile job, that you would hear something about her. Does Clark even talk to his mom anymore? I also feel like with the exception of Chloe & Lois, that no one on this show has any family. Nobody causes expectation or guilt or a sense of responsibility like family.
Who's running the farm?
What ever happened to college?
I can't name any one shark jumping moment, but these all seem pretty sharky to me.
Thoughts: Wonder WomanGreen LanternPerry White

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Apr 13, 2009 11:01PM EDT

sadly most of these shows i love alotbut im having a hard time wanting to defend House nowafter the "Simple Explination" eppisode. I havent seen the next episode yet so i havent if they try to explain it more. but that episode really seemed like a grab for more ratings just because the character kutner was going to be leaving anyways...ill still keep watching the show religiously but it has lost a bit of its flair from that.I also agree with the house and cuddy should stay seperate. or else it just seems like the obligatory romance of the mainish characters. i would actually be contented with him just staying single but maybe a little more of a deeper understanding of his friendships with the other characters....
as for Heroes im not sure about the jumping of the sharki havent seen all of them yet im about half way through season 3but it still seems like the show i lovealthough admitedly the whole mr petrelli back to life is rather lamebut sylars developement i rather like...

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Apr 20, 2009 4:46AM EDT

I'm surprised no one's said this yet but I'd have to say weeds has jumped the shark. The whole premise of the show was about a widowed housewife making ends meet in a sheltered upper class suburban community by selling weed. The fourth season completely threw out both premises to the point where selling weed at all seems like a weak reference, and although this show still has a lot of popularity it's definitely jumped the shark with the whole Mexican Mafia/coyote storyline.

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Apr 25, 2009 4:14PM EDT

Smallville has not jumped the shark. This has been an exciting season and some characters were brought back.
Grey's anatomy was just not worth it after burke left. I totally agree with that.
House has lost the humor but the show is still generally good.
I agree with the rest and this is completely random here but i think they should bring back boston legal.

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May 29, 2009 1:38PM EDT

look i know what your saying about scrubs season seven was awful and NBC really screwed it over. I liked my princess but continuity was was awful. I also know what your saying about drama but in season eight bill lawrence has really stepped up the comedy so personally i think scrubs has a jumpped the shark season but we cant disregard the entire so just for that

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Apr 13, 2010 3:56AM EDT

i don't think you're really differentiating the difference between "jumping the shark" and a show's SL's just getting worse. for instance, izzie sleeping with dead people? DEFINATELY jumping the shark. People going back to prison in a show called Prison Break? Not so much. It might not have continued to be as interesting as season 1 (though i believe it was, that's just my personal opinion) but it wasn't jumping any sharks. neither was House when they decided to give him a new team, even though i really didn't care for it and thought it was a stupid idea. They were just pursuing different SL's. Giving the main character psychosis? Maybe. But his time in the mental hospital made for excellent television.
as for the X-Files, one of my absolute favorites, but pretending they could still have the same quality of show without Mulder......

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