HAWTHORNE ''Hidden Truths'' Review Season 2, Episode 7

Secrets are revealed and Tom and Christina finally have it out on the jam-packed Hidden Truths episode of HAWTHORNE. Donna (guest star Debi Mazar), an old friend of Christina's, is hospitalized with encephalitis caused by herpes (a condition she neglected to tell her fiancé about) she contracted from a rape, learns her insurance company won’t pay , leading to Christina battling the insurance company and debating with Erin about whether the pre-existing condition is herpes or rape. Erin solves the problem by getting insurance to pay because Tom is upset by it, which of course upsets Christina. Kelly reveals she’s gay and Erin makes her feelings for Tom known.

The Tom-Christina confrontation does not disappoint. It's about you: selfish, narcissistic, controlling basket case. Preach it, Tom! Christina is trapped by her own fears and by fully expecting the worst can’t hope for the best and even helps that worst (Tom and Erin) come about. I still think Tom was wrong to propose when and how he did, but Christina's insistence on having everything her way and giving Tom as little as possible in order to protect herself is brutally unfair–to Tom and to herself.

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